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Do you miss Breaking Bad? Because I miss Breaking Bad. I'm still in denial. Even if the anticipated spin-off Better Call Saul is less than a year away (and now with the addition of everyone's favorite hitman Mike Ehrmantraut), the trail left by the Heisenberg story is just too big.

Which is why I decided to compile some of my favorite scenes in one article. Not scenes in general, but the best ones of Bryan Cranston aka Walter White aka Heisenberg. Because, let's be honest, he had the ability to scare the hell out of us, and that is what made him such a perfect actor deserving of every award ever. And the best part of it is that he is such a nice guy in real life. Have you seen his acceptance speech at this year's SAG awards, for example? I want Bryan Cranston to be my cool uncle, please someone arrange that. Also, I want him to narrate my life, Arrested Development-style.

I will probably do other articles about the best of other characters because, let's face it, Jesse's lasagna moment deserves a special place in heaven. Just saying.

I'm surely missing some great Cranston moments, but if I started choosing, I would basically put every single scene from the show, and you might as well just buy the DVDs and watch the five seasons all over again. That's how awesome he is. If 'Felina' had been released at the cinema, he would be up for an Academy Award. Do we still have time to change that?

"I am the danger" (from 4x06, "Cornered")

It feels like a huge topic to put this key moment of the show here, because it's probably one of the most famous. Everybody knows about it, even people who haven't watched the show in their lives. Others like us, humble mortals, are obsessed with it, and can recite the speech word by word. White morphs into Heisenberg here. He knew it, poor Skyler knew it, we knew it and screamed "YESSS!!!". He is the danger indeed.
By the way, Samuel L Jackson made his own reenactment of the scene. Just in case you thought it wasn't scary enough being performed by Cranston. He knocks, mother***er.

"Tread lightly" (from 5x09, "Blood Money")

As many of you, I though that Hank would hide from Walt that he knew who he was, but if there is one thing Braking Bad knows how to do, is to surprise the viewers. This stand-off was a turning point for both characters, and while the "tread lightly" threat was great (and scary), the best comes from the way the look at each other. And Cranston's skills as a director, too.

"Where is the money?" (from 4x11, "Crawl Space")

Pure craziness, that's what this scene is. Gus is going to kill him and his family, and when he goes to get the money to run away, Walt finds out that Skyler has given it to Ted (by the way, what happened to that guy?). In such a moment, there is only one thing left to do: laugh hysterically. And IT.WAS.AWESOME. You can feel the desperation and the anger in his laugh, as there was no way out (although we all know that there was, eventually).

"You're goddamn right" (from 5x07, "Say My Name")

I'm just going to say it: there were a few episodes in the first half of season 5 where I kinda hated Walt. Let's all recognize it, he was a bit of a prick, he would mislead poor Jesse all the time (even more than usual) and this episode was the crowning moment for me: he killed Mike, and I loved Mike! Moreover, he killed him for the stupidest thing, and then he admitted it out loud in front of the dying man. That was it, and I'm sure everybody felt the same way. But the first scene from that sad episode was also one of those things that will be remember in years to come. After all, we all know his name, right? Because Walter White was already dead.

"Hell fire rained down on my house!" (from 3x02, "Caballo Sin Nombre")

Ah, Cranston getting increasingly angrier, that's always a winner. This scene is Walter White being treated as a Walter White when he believes he should be treated as a Heisenberg. To be fair, the cop doesn't even try to listen to him, even if Walt is acting a bit violent.

Stifled sobbing (from 5x14, "Ozymandias")

Can I just say how heartbreaking this was? After a few episodes trying to delete Walter White from his system, the man came back in a desperate attempt to save his brother-in-law. It was a rendering moment that is making Cranston win every award he is nominated for, and quite deservedly.

Also, it will be remembered as that one time Todd showed some traces of humanity. For like five seconds.

I know, I know, I'm missing tons of scenes here, but it is not easy! This is just a taste of that fantastic performance Bryan Cranston gave us for five years. Here's to hoping he makes a cameo in Better Call Saul...

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Jan 29, 2014
Corleones >>> Lannisters
Jan 29, 2014
Soon! Starting with Jesse.
Jan 29, 2014
Ah I miss it aswell... do a ,,Best Moment" thing for everyone ;)
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