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There is a popular theory about Breaking Bad that claims that every time Walter White kills someone important, he picks up some of their character traits/flaws. The website "Buzzfeed" shared an awesome article this week about "21 "Breaking Bad" Easter Eggs that will blow your mind." I was very intrigued by their numbers 8 and 9, and I wanted to share this with all of you..

Original article Buzzfeed

First a few examples to prove this popular theory..

1) Most of you will still remember Krazy 8, right? Riight.. Back in season 1 when Krazy 8 was bike-locked in the basement of Casa Jesse, Walt brought him some surviving supplies. (Water, food, soap, toilet (read big-ass bucket), soap)
Krazy 8 prefered his sandwich without the crusts, and then after killing him so did Walt.

2) Next up is Gus(tavo) Fring. Gus used to drive a blue Volvo when he was still the man..

Guess which car Walt drives in the Season 5 premiere.. Coincidence or not, this is from the very next episode after Walt had killed Gus.

This is however not the only habit of Gus that Walt took over after his death..

In the Season 5B premiere you can clearly see how Walt is channeling his former boss. I was thinking during the episode that this was a really beautiful scene. Heisenberg learned from the best.. It was brilliant how Walt maintains the role of an innocent carwash owner. Exactly the same thing happened at Los Pollos Hermanos, when Walt confronted Gus.

In the first episode of Season 5B there is also a great nod from the writers. You can see how Walt uses the exact same vomiting-technique as Gus did after poisoning the cartel (and himself.)
Of course, Walt never actually saw Gus do his vomiting-technique (like a sir), so this doesn't really contribute to the theory. But still a nice nod for the true fans.

3) The evidence for this theory just keeps stacking up. Last but not least.. Poor Mike..

In the 2nd episode of Season 4, Walt follows Mike to a bar and tries to convince him that he is in the exact same situation as Walt and Jesse. (especially after Victor recently faced the repercussions for the Gale situation from the end of Season 3.) So Walt asks Mike to bring him in the same room as Gus, so he can do what needs to be done.
Just before Mike opened his six pack of whoopass on Walt they were sharing a drink like 2 "normal" people. You can see that Mike drinks his whiskey with ice, when Walt prefers his without.

Interesting enough, in the season finale of 5A (after Walt has offed Mr.Ehrmantraut) suddenly Walt wants Ice.. Interesting indeed..

As if stealing Mike's drinking preference wasn't enough for the mighty Heisenberg, now he uses Mike's expressions as well..


So I hope most of you will agree on the fact that this is all very interesting stuff..
BUT.. with all this evidence for this theory, that makes for a very grimm future of 2 popular characters.. (Okay Skylar is probably hated by most fans, but still..)

Let's start with some lightweight evidence..

In the 1st episode of Season 5, we see Walt in the Denny's "celebrating" his 52nd B-day. Just before meeting up with Jim Beaver's Black market gun-dealer, Walt is making the number 52 with his bacon. Something Skyler once did for him.. Which means.. Good luck to you, Skyler!

AND in the same scene we all find out that Walt's fake ID has the surname "Lambert".

Lambert you say? What's so f***ing Whoop-Dee-Doo about that?!

Auch! Seriously.. Best of luck to you Skyler!

At least there is nothing in the flash forwards that suggests Walt might kill Jesse right? Riight..

HMM Heavy stuff..

So here's some Laughter to end with..

Thank you all for viewing & reading, I hope you enjoyed this!

Before I forget..
Most credit for this post goes to "Buzzfeed" => take a look for more Easter Eggs & more
You can all read the original article here => Original article Buzzfeed

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Lot of stuff I never noticed but certainly there is a trend and it doesn't appear to be coincidence. Notice the jacket Walt is wearing looks like the size that once belonged to Jesse. Hopefully he just got it at a garage sale..
I need to stop reading stuff like this. Some of you guys are just too good at figuring things out. I really hope that jacket doesn't mean anything.
Nice ! thanks a lot lodselle ! it's very studious !

Vince is a genius !
good points and well put. we will see :)
Wow. I saw the sandwich and the towel thing but the rest is new to me, well done!
I don't think it's coincidence, there is a pattern and they paid attention to it.
funny how you pointed all that out.I don't think it has any significance.But Walt at the carwash was classic Gus.I even found myself thinking it during the scene.Everything else to me is just coincidence.And him using Skyler's maiden name is prob. a nod to her.Maybe she dies?
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