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... When AMC announced that it would move forward with Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spin-off centered on criminal lawyer Saul Goodman, we all wondered how many Breaking Bad characters would be part of the new show. Badger? That car wash owner with the eyebrows? That spider-collecting kid who died? Mike Ehrmantraut? Well, we can put a check next to that last name, as Jonathan Banks has joined the series as a regular. Better Call Saul will take place before Saul became Walter White's lawyer, and will debut in November. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Sometimes networks outgrow their names and after a stellar 2013, Sundance Channel has decided to spruce itself up a bit. The network that brought you Rectify, The Returned, and Top of the Lake will now be known as Sundance TV and "feature a streamlined logo in a modern sans serif font and neutral palette." From that quote, it's clear that one thing that's NOT changing is Sundance's highfalutin snobbery. J/K Sundance I love you. [Sundance TV via press release]

... Vince Gilligan won the Directors Guild of America prize for his work behind the camera on the series finale of Breaking Bad “Felina.” He beat out his own star Bryan Cranston, who was nominated for his directing work on "Blood Money," the Season 5B premiere. [Variety]

... Starz is hoping that "From the producer of Breaking Bad!" is enough to bring attention to a drama about ballet. The network has ordered Flesh and Bone, a drama following a young ballet dancer as she joins a prestigious New York company, to series. Breaking Bad writer/producer Moira Walley-Beckett created the show which won't be all tutus and frilly things; instead, Flesh and Bone will pay more attention to the dark and gritty side of the ballet world. In related news, today I learned that there's a dark and gritty side to the ballet world. [Starz via press release]

... But what about the shows Starz already has, you ask? Well, it's great news for Black Sails, which premiered Saturday night with the network's best-ever launch across multiple platforms. 850,000 people tuned in to the pirate drama for the premiere telecast, and another 2.6 million watched rebroadcasts or saw it via on-demand or online streams. Most critics didn't like it, but I did because I used to be a pirate in a former life. Captain Facebeard, they used to call me. [THR]

... FX's upcoming comedy starring George Lopez has a premiere date FINALLY! Saint George will debut Thursday, March 6 at 9pm. Lopez stars as a successful Mexican-American businessman who is caught between cultures manifested by his gringo ex-wife and his overbearing Mexican mother. Sounds like a real treat. This is one of those 10/90 deals, meaning that if the first 10 episodes meet certain ratings criteria, FX will order another 90 episodes, just like it did with Anger Management. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it probably also signifies that the series will really suck. [FX via press release]

... Travel Channel has ordered three new series, and only one of them is really about traveling. Barely. Ace the Game follows casino consultant Sal Piacente as he travels the country helping people beat carnival games and street-corner hustles. Hotel Amazon will follow two guys trying to build a luxury hotel in the middle of the Amazon. Finally, Spy World recreates spy stories around the world. Yup! That's the Travel Channel! [Travel Channel via press release]

... Housewives are so 2013. Preachers are so 2014. Oxygen has renewed Preachers of L.A. for a second season and is actively pursuing spin-offs in other cities around the country, including New York, Dallas, and Atlanta. The franchise follows mega-preachers as they mega-preach. [Deadline Hollywood]

... 28.5 million viewers watched the Grammys last night, the second biggest audience for the music awards since 1993. I watched it for about five minutes before I realized I couldn't identify any of the performers. Luckily I read Price's photo recap of the thing and now I know what a Macklemore is! [CBS via press release]

... Well, NBC has done it again. The network has ordered a multi-camera comedy pilot for a TV adaptation of the 1986 movie The Money Pit. That film starred Tom Hanks and Shelley Long as a couple who bought a fixer-upper house. Sigh. We probably don't need this, do we? Also earning a pilot order was The Fifth Wheel, another multi-camera comedy about a woman whose last single friend gets engaged. [Deadline Hollywood]

... TV Land has picked up the single-camera comedy Jennifer Falls to series. It stars Jaime Pressly (My Name Is Earl, I Hate My Teenage Daughter) as a recently canned career woman who's forced to move back in with her mom, just like every other sitcom made in the past two years. [TV Land via press release]


... BBC America's upcoming series Intruders has brought on Mira Sorvino as its female lead. The drama has a sci-fi bent to it, with a secret society chasing immortality by living in the bodies of others. Sorvino will play two characters who share the same body. James Frain (True Blood) has also joined the series. Now Sorvino just needs seven more characters to catch up to Tatiana Maslany! [Deadline Hollywood]

... The CW's The Flash pilot/Arrow spin-off has added two more to its cast to prep for production. Rick Consett (The Vampire Diaries) will play a detective with a (surprise!) dark past, and Danielle Panabaker (Necessary Roughness) will play a bioengineer who lost her fiancé in a lab explosion. That sounds like an open door for The Flash to speed on through if you ask me. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Rosie O'Donnell will pay a visit to her old screaming grounds as a guest on The View! She'll stop by the ABC daytime talk show to squawk about stuff on Friday, February 7. [ABC via press release]

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