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... Remember those days when you could say, "Oh dude, you should watch this little show called Breaking Bad," and then you reap the rewards of being in-the-know and cool and a trendsetter? Well those days are over, not just because Breaking Bad is over forever, but because it's officially a ratings hit. WHAT!? I know! Last night's series finale drew... brace thyself... 10.3 million viewers, destroying the series' previous high of 6.6 million viewers, a record that was set during the penultimate episode. The 10.3 million who tuned in for the end accounted for a 300-percent increase over Breaking Bad's Season 5A finale. If you're keeping score at home, here are the audience numbers, in millions, of each Breaking Bad season finale: 

Season 1: 1.5 million

Season 2: 1.5 million

Season 3: 1.6 million

Season 4: 1.8 million

Season 5: 2.8 million

Season 6: 10.3 million

That is some impressive growth. And I believe Breaking Bad became available on Netflix during the summer of 2011, which would've been been right when you the ratings jumped. One more thing to note: 10.3 million is still shy of The Walking Dead's ratings record for AMC, which tops 12 million. [AMC via press release] 

... You can add more than half a million viewers to the Breaking Bad finale's "official" number of 10.3 million, as the episode was illegally downloaded more than 500,000 times in its first 12 hours on the web. [Variety]


... Original content is okay and all, but what we really want are SPIN-OFFS! ABC is toying with the idea of a Modern Family spin-off, because it's too early to spin off Super Fun Night, I guess. This is all very early in development, but rumor has it that guest-star Rob Riggle's real-estate agent character Gil Thorpe is being considered as its potential center. But the big question is: Will Modern Family spin off its lock on the Emmys? [Deadline Hollywood]

... In other somewhat-relevant ratings news, Homeland returned bigger than last year, despite everyone's eyeballs being glued to Breaking Bad. The Season 3 premiere of Showtime's terrorist drama was up nine percent from last year's season opener, to 1.9 million viewers (the series high is 2.3 million viewers). The premiere of Masters of Sex followed, and drew 1 million viewers. [Deadline Hollywood

... We've gone from two upcoming Hillary Clinton biopic miniseries to zero upcoming Hillary Clinton biopic miniseries in a few hours. NBC and CNN have both canceled their in-development Hillary projects, because the Republican party pushed them around and threatened them. When the two projects were first announced, the G.O.P. stomped its hooves and snorted, complaining that they'd show preference to the potential presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. The Republicans threatened to shut out NBC and CNN from broadcasting any Republican presidential primary debates unless they dropped the series. But don't just blame the networks for wussing out; it reportedly became difficult for producers to research the projects with subjects refusing to participate because of political pressure. Way to go, Republicans. Just like what you do with Congress! [Variety]

... CNN has renewed Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown for a third season. The travel show follows outspoken foodie Anthony Bourdain as he checks out the nooks and crannies of the globe in search of great food and fascinating culture. It also happens to be pretty entertaining. [THR]

... IFC has given a series order to Garfunkel & Oates, a comedy series starring musical-duo Garfunkel & Oates. Think of it as a female Flight of the Conchords. IFC is eying a 2014 date for the series. [IFC via press release]


... Justified has added to the Crowe clan, casting Michael Rapaport (The Mob Doctor, Zebrahead) to play Dale Crowe, a relative of Dewey, in the upcoming fifth season. Dale is an ex-con who owns an alligator farm in Florida, which sounds about perfect for Justified. Rapaport was recently cut from the cast of CBS's The Millers, freeing him up to join Justified. This is the television equivalent of being kicked out of the army draft during a war with hell monsters to be an official taste-tester for Ben & Jerry's in the Caribbean. [TV Line]

... Paget Brewster will return to Criminal Minds. Brewster, who played Supervisory Special Agent Emily Prentiss from 2006 to 2012, will appear in the series milestone 200th episode, which is supposed to be flashback-heavy and a treat for CM fans. Look for it in February. [TV Guide]

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