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AMC (ended 2013)
It's official!
Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spinoff show set around Bob Odenkirk‘s rakish, pragmatic, and charismatic lawyer Saul Goodman, is now the subject of a “go-ahead” licensing agreement between AMC and Breaking Bad producer Sony Pictures TV.
Will it be a Joey or a Frasier? I'm inclined to believe the latter, based on this tidbit:
Expect the show to be a bit less dark than the parent show, and much more comic.
It sounds like they're going to play to Odenkirk's strengths, instead of making him carry a show that tries to match the tone of Breaking Bad. Saul will be the focus of this onscreen world, and the show will have to tonally match his particular point-of-view in order to succeed.

I'm excited! Odenkirk has been great on Breaking Bad, and the man is long overdue for this kind of success.
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