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A Breaking Bad Community
AMC (ended 2013)
It's been a month since Breaking Bad ended. I put off watching It for along time, because of how obsessive I get when I watch shows, and I knew that if I was to start I wouldn't and couldn't stop. I started not long after it ended, and I finished 10 minutes ago.

The show is incredible as you all well know, the acting, the characters, the story.

More than any other show, I feel that such a cohesive and engaging story has been told from beginning to end. Breaking Bad never blew its load too soon. It waited until the time was right to let secrets come out, leaving me to be on edge for so much of the show, waiting, expecting and fearing the worst. Story arcs ran for the perfect length and never seemed forced.

I'm glad I waited and got to experience the show episode after episode, it was truly a masterpeice that will be remembered for generations to come.
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