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It’s been six months now since the series finale of Breaking Bad. Half a year already! Time flies and, even though the pain is smaller, we all still miss Walter and Co. quite a lot. Nowadays, Bryan Cranston is charming Broadway with his performance as Lyndon B. Johnson in All The Way, while Aaron Paul is more focused on the big screen.

I recently watched Need for Speed and felt disappointed. It is a terrible movie, one that doesn’t showcase Paul’s amazing talent as an actor. The script doesn’t have space for deep performances and I understand that Paul maybe wanted something more relaxed after all those years portraying the emotionally unstable Jesse Pinkman. But that is what I expected, I missed those tearful speeches and sweet, comic moments that Paul gave us with Breaking Bad, so I started watching videos of his best scenes to forget that movie I had just seen.

My anger towards that movie is because I love Aaron Paul to death (in a non crazy way) and I want him to succeed in everything he does from now on, especially since he was ROBBED at the last edition of the Golden Globes, which was his last with Breaking Bad. But we all know that the Globes are not to be taken seriously, so let’s hope the Emmys (ups) honor him.

So, while we wait until he makes a film worthy of his acting chops (I have yet to see A Long Way Down), I would like to share with you my favorite Jesse Pinkman moments.

“You don’t have to do this” (from 3x13, “Full Measure”)

That was the moment when Jesse’s soul broke. He was forced to murder an innocent man to ensure his and Walt’s survival, something he didn’t want to do. And we all suffered with him as he pulled the trigger.

“You’re nothing to me but customers” (from 4x07, “Problem Dog”)

Being Jesse as he is, the guilt from killing Gale consumes him, and while everybody keeps telling him that he should move on and that he won’t be judged, it is all too much for him. This speech is one of those heartbreaking scenes where Paul displays his immense talent playing a damaged kid.

Awkwardly drinking water (from 5x06, “Buyout”)

I must say it, this is my favorite Jesse scene and one of my favorites from the entire show. It’s silly and funny and you can’t help but feel in the same awkward position Jesse is going through. Besides, Skyler thinks he is the one turning Walt to the dark side, when the whole reason poor Jesse was there was to try and convince him to quit the business, but as we all know, Walter wasn’t in the meth business anymore. He was in the EMPIRE BUSINESS.

“Yeah, bitch! Magnets!” (from 5x01, “Live Free or Die”)

There are a bazillion Yeah-bitches that could have made the cut, but this one seems particularly special, as it is a victory for Jesse. When trying to figure out a way to destroy a laptop with information about him, Walt and Mike, it is Pinkman who comes up with the idea of using a giant magnet as a solution. Classic Jesse. And it is a joy to see him happy (because it didn’t happen too often).

“A robot?” (from 2x09, “4 Days Out”)

Jesse at the beginning was sweet an innocent, so there is no better way to remember that than with this honest questions. Ah, the good old days with the RV and the desert.

Dancing (from 3x08, “I See You”)

No explanation needed.

“Ahhh, wire” from 2x09, “4 Days Out”)

Again the innocent Jesse. Good old Walt trying to be a science teacher so that Pinkman can show some knowledge, but of course, it’s an epic fail.

"Ever since I met you, everything I've ever cared about is gone." (from 3x07, “One Minute”)

“I’ve never been more alone” just kills me every time. Another heartbreaking speech, the kind Paul does best. After a monumental beating, courtesy of Hank, Jesse is sick and tired. And who could blame him for telling things straight to Walt.

Oh, Jesse. We will miss you. Please come back soon.

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