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I visited Albuquerque once, and was charmed by the cozy, small town feel of an otherwise big city. Southwestern accents in the decor, green chilies on everything, and the active night life makes it a town I want to return to. After the last episode of Breaking Bad, I feel I have a solid reason to make that happen. Put simply: margaritas and tableside guacamole.

When Lost was on the air, I heard about tours of Oahu to see the locations where they shot the show. I always wanted to do that, but I'm not a big enough fan to justify the airfare. Albuquerque, on the other hand, is not so far off. I'm sure there are folks offering unofficial "Breaking Bad" tours of the town, but I like to go exploring on my own (and I hate being in a tour group.)

Here is my tourist agenda for a day trip to Albuquerque:

Breakfast at Downtown Java Joe's, aka Tuco's place:

Java Joe's breakfast burrito sounds tasty. Or maybe I'll order their green chile veggie omelet, because hey -- it's Albuquerque, and it's all about the green chilies. (I'll ask for the mercury fulminate on the side.)

I'll follow that with a trip to The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History.

Walt met up with Jesse's stoner friends here back in Season 2.

It seems appropriate, seeing as how things on the show have gone nuclear, in Saul's words. I'll be sure to pick up a souvenir copy of the periodic table of elements!

Lunchtime! Where else but Twisters, aka Los Pollos Hermanos!

Let's take the rental car over to Octopus Car Wash, and be sure to have an "A-1 Day!"

Now, to get our evening started right at Hinkle's Family Fun Center ... with LAZER TAG!

That was fun! But it's dinner time. Margaritas and tableside guacamole at Garduno's!

It looks like the Disneyland of Mexican restaurants!

It's been a busy day. Let's top it off with a cocktail at Burt's Tiki Lounge, shall we?

Okay, this was only seen fleetingly in a season two montage, but come on. It's a tiki lounge!

So that's the day trip I'd like to take to Albuquerque. Where would you like to go?
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