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AMC (ended 2013)
Hey all. So, I wrote this big ol' thing explaining why it took me so long to finally get into this show, but was not able to post unless I had a pic attached, but was unable to do so from my kindle. That being said, this is the real short, agitated version...

oh. my. gawd. Season 2 picked up where 1 left off and RAN. It isn't slowing down, either! I finally met Saul, the main reason I needed to watch this show! (One of them anyway) And man oh man, I don't know many spoilers for the show at all, but there is one I know of. And when I read Krysten Ritter's name for the first time, I said to myself "Oh yeah, she is in this, I like her! Oh yeah... spoiler alert." But knowing what I know actually makes her appearances that much harder to watch, but in a good way. Watching her now, knowing what is to come, I feel so much more for her. Oh boy, what else is there. Oh, the opening parts for this season is brilliant. Little by little, telling us what is to come in the what I can only assume will be the finale of the season, I haven't seen that done before. The Ballad of Heisenberg made me pause and say "WOW." Ok, I am going to stop so I can continue watching. I am trying to do 3 a night, be done in time for the Finale Episode. Wait, but I just started. I don't want it to end...
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Omg, I'm crying already. Apology Girl, and now Jane followed Jesse into his bedroom. I don't think I'm going to be able to watch it.

And HA! I just saw Giancarlo Esposito being a manager in the background! Funny how they just extra'd him there. I think I am going to have to change my name to 'Breaking Baaaaaaaaaad' soon.
Yup, I'm crying.
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