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With only two episode left, it's time to make some final predictions. Poll time:




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I say the ricin will be for Lydia. She'll think it's whatever she puts in her tea or whatever and drink it all up. I have no idea if it dissolves in water or not, but screw it. I've been wrong with all my predictions, so what's another wrong one.
Both Todd and especially Nazi Jack have been conspicuously shown smoking, so I can't help but wonder if they'll somehow resurrect the idea of the old ricin-in-the-cigarette bit. I know, I know, it would seem impossible to pull that off without elaborate pre-planning and access to said smokes, I just think it would be a nice way to finally put that ricin to use. Plus, Walt's a smart guy, so maybe he could pull it off.

Between what Todd did to Drew Sharp and now especially after what he did to Andrea, Jesse has the most reasons to want to kill him, and I hope the writers will give us that cathartic moment. I envisioned Jesse somehow managing to wrap his tethering cable in the lab around Todd's neck when he least suspects it. That would make for a great and powerful scene. I can see Jesse with the crazy eyes now as he chokes the life out of him.

I don't really have the need or desire to see Lydia get snuffed. I half-expect her either to get away with it, get away with it but always be completely paranoid about it for the rest of her life, getting offed by Todd for refusing his advances, or getting a knock on the door in the middle of the night from some angry Czechs. But yeah, it could always be the ricin in the tea.

As for Walt? He'll probably either die from the cancer or be killed by Jesse. Capture is an unlikely scenario.

Damn, I promised myself I wouldn't publicly muse about what *I* think the ending will include. There's been too much of that...and now I'm guilty of it, too. Damn you, show! You were too good to let me keep that promise! ;-D
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Im guessing that the M60 is for the Neo-nazis. The ricin probably for himself or Lydia..
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