Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 11

Crawl Space

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2011 on AMC

Episode Recap

Doctors and nurses prepare for an emergency room patient. Except it's not a hospital, it's Gus' personal medical team working out of a warehouse in Mexico. Jesse plows the stolen cartel Cadillac over to the medical team and the doctor immediately takes Gus onto a stretcher. He administers a solution into his mouth. Jesse yells at the team to take Mike too, but his calls go unanswered. As the medical team works on Gus, Jesse drags Mike into the makeshift ER, but the team again ignores his yelling. The doctor finally says, Gus pays his salary, so the team focuses on Gus.

Walt finishes a new batch with Tyrus watching very closely. Walt asks if Tyrus has heard back from the rest of the gang. Tyrus doesn't say anything, but grabs one of the plastic bins. Upon re-weighing, Tyrus announces that the recorded weight was wrong. Walt quietly agrees. He then tells Tyrus that Hank is still interested in coming to the chicken farm so he tells Tyrus to make sure other people are still aware of that. Later on, Hank and Walt watch the chicken farm from Walt's Aztec. Walt asks about whether there is any cartel news these days from Mexico. Hank doesn't have much to say, but does mention some volatility there. Hank asks about Walt's bruising saying that Hank always has a lending ear. Walt casually says no.

Meanwhile, Mike is now prepped and stable. Jesse asks the doctor if anymore blood is needed because he is the same blood type. The doctor knows his blood type, knows his full medical history inside and out. Gus has thought of everything, Jesse says. Gus later appears, well and walking with no pain. Gus pulls Don Eladio's chain out of his pocket and thanks the doctor. Jesse is told to follow. They head out and Gus says they have to walk the rest of the way. Gus compliments Jesse, saying he proved he could run the lab by himself. Jesse stops, saying not to kill Walt. Gus says that won't work.

At home, Skyler checks the messages. Ted has left a message saying that he can't do it – he can't pay the IRS back. Skyler immediately rushes over and Ted welcomes her in. Ted is under the impression that the surplus money is the result of Walt's gambling. Ted says that he wants to give back the money, passing Skyler a cheque for the full amount she gave him. Ted says it feels wrong to pay back the IRS with gambling funds. Skyler is shocked and asks why he didn't have an issue with fixing his financial books. Skyler again tries to explain to Ted that there are serious implications and she cannot get involved with the IRS. Skyler says she can offer more money, but Ted declines any offer. Ted says he's trying to do the right thing, but Skyler is offended and doesn't understand. Skyler pushes him to write a new cheque, this time for the IRS. After no luck again, Skyler heads back to her car and calls Saul Goodman.

Hector Salamanca is graced with another visit from Gus. Gus shows Hector the chain from Don Eladio's neck. Gus says all of them are dead. Jesse overhears him this time from the doorway. Gus points to Jesse saying, "this man killed your grandson". Hector grows noticeably angrier while staring at Jesse. Gus mentions that this was the only family he had left and the Salamanca name dies with Hector. Gus tells Hector to look at him again, but Hector denies him this right, breathing with raw emotion. Gus leaves and Jesse follows him out.

Walt returns to Hank's house and drives him back to the warehouse. Walt continues to pretend to take interest in the case. Walt asks about Mexico again. Hank decides to take a different route this time, to the manufacturing warehouse that houses the laundry facilities. Walt grows noticeably more nervous and tries to rationalize Hank's actions. Hank continues to explain his reasoning, saying the conglomerate company owns Pollos Hermanos, the industrial laundry facility, and the large industrial company that makes the cooling system connected to Gale. They get close to the laundry facility and Walt doesn't know what to do. He continues going forward and Hank tells him to turn around. So Walt does turn but into an oncoming SUV. The two are okay, Walt and Hank are safe, just a little sore. Marie, Skyler, and Walt Jr. are also there. Hank saw the car coming from a mile away. The eerie feeling of him catching on cannot be phased.

Saul calls Skyler and mentions that he will deal with Ted with a bit of force but not in an extreme way. Huell and another man (Saul's other man that pretended to be an environmental officer from earlier this season) head over to Ted's house and try to get him to write the cheque to the IRS. Ted says this is a mistake, but the two tell him to write the cheque. Ted signs the IRS documents and fills an UPS envelope. Ted then tries to make a run for it, but trips on one of his carpets and bangs his head. Back at the laundry warehouse, Walt starts the day, but notices that the machines have been recently used. Tyrus tells Walt that he was out for four days, so they could not stop operations. Walt is shocked and asks who cooked here.

Jesse plays video games with Brock at his home. Andrea is also there. Walt knocks and Jesse answers. Outside, they talk and Walt says that Jesse was cooking. Walt pleads for help, knowing Gus' plan will certainly involve his death. Jesse does not oblige, leaving Walt alone and helpless. Walt turns to find Tyrus and another guard standing there. Tyrus uses a taser to make Walt fall to the ground. Now in the desert, Walt is held hooded while Gus arrives in his Volvo. Gus removes the hood and Walt adjusts his eyes. Gus says that Walt is fired and not to come to the laundry lab ever again. He says to stay away from Jesse. Walt is terrified. But Walt fires back and says that Jesse wouldn't let Gus kill him, or else he'd be dead already. Gus admits this is correct, but Hank is still a problem and Gus says he needs to deal with Hank. If Walt interferes, Gus will go after Walt's family. Still terrified, Walt watches Gus leave and Tyrus cuts the hand restraints. Walt struggles to get up.

Back in Saul's office, Saul hears that Ted is unconscious (and possibly dead, but we don't get confirmation). Walt bursts in and tells Saul to get the man on the phone that can help Walt and his family to get out of the country. Saul gives him a card to a call the man, but there's no turning back and the man will need at least $500,000. Walt thanks Saul, but asks him to do one more thing. Walt asks Saul to call the DEA office and leave a tip that Gus has a hit out for Hank. Saul reluctantly agrees. Walt sobs. Walt leaves the office saying he needs to collect his wife and kids. Walt immediately heads home and goes to the crawl space under the house. He grabs some money but is shocked when he finds a lot of money missing. Walt asks Skyler where the rest of the money is, but she starts crying, saying she gave it to Ted. Walt is further shocked and upset. He yells and screams, bursting to tears. Skyler is shocked. Then Walt turns his tears into a hysterical laugh, one we've never seen him do before. Skyler backs away. The answering machine picks up and Skyler is hit with more bad news: Marie says that there's a cartel hit out for Hank and the DEA is sending agents over to the house. Walt laughs hysterically in the background. Skyler picks up the phone and asks what happened. Walt settles down in the crawl space and looks up through the hole in the floor. Not much unlike being in a coffin, buried 6 feet under.

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