Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 11

Crawl Space

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2011 on AMC

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  • When It's Over (Spoilers Ahead)


    Jesse drives Gus and Mike to some surgeons/doctors who treat Gus before treating Mike as Gus writes their paychecks. With Mike out of commission from his wounds Gus and Jesse make their way back to the border but not before Gus brings up that Jesse can run the lab now by himself. Jesse, despite everything, still remains loyal to Walt, and says that Gus should fire him but Gus was right when he said it wouldn't work. Walt takes Hank to the chicken farm but their get diddly squat by going there and upon their second visit Hank makes a detour to visit the laundry and rather than take him there Walt got into a car collision on purpose to avoid visiting their. Skyler tries to talk Ted into paying back his IRS debt and he talks his way around blackmailing her or something and when he won't take her threats she gets Saul to strong-arm him into doing it by sending two thugs who get him to write the check but he dies in a freak accident, unfortunate but the consequence of Skyler's actions as karma goes. When Walt finds out that Jesse has been cooking in his place he visits him and Jesse has now begun to see Adrianna and Hector again and when Walt tries to get Jesse to forgive him/understand his position Jesse storms off and Walt gets tasered by Tyrus and taken to the desert where Gus tells him of his termination and to stay away from Jesse but Walt spits in his face figuratively and knows that Jesse is still on his side. Gus says that he will have to handle Hank now by himself since Walt failed to handle it like he said he would. Gus says that if tries to intervene he will kill his entire family. As Gus went from pack of ice last week to full arctic storm this week we lost a lot of his humanity and sympathy that was at the core of getting retribution for his friend's death all those years ago. Him waving Don Eladio's necklace in Hector's face and telling him that his name dies with him was worthy of the Godfather in its magnitude. When Walt panics and discovers that the money he would need to buy a new identity and disappear isn't there he snaps and the episode ends. We are now left with him having to stay and solve his problems rather than run away. It was always going to come to this, this whole season has led to this and now that Gus has swept away all his enemies under the rug like Michael Coroleone in the Godfather Part 1 Walt has no choice but to fight back or be destroyed. Questions and many other things I hope to see in the weeks to come as Walt and his family face Gus and all his fury with only two episodes left and then season 4 takes a bow. I'm kinda hoping for a cliffhanger for the finale, just a fitting ending so that when the final season starts its own point A to point B doesn't take a long time in the characters' lives later to see where there lives pick back up again. Breaking Bad keeps on cooking.

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