Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 11

Crawl Space

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2011 on AMC

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  • holy crap i need the next episode right now.


    I... am speechless. That right there is probably my favorite ending to an episode ever. I'll get on to the ending later on. What i liked- Ted's scene with those guys (so, did he die? i took it to mean he just hit his head and maybe went into a coma or something. either way i lol'ed a little more then i probably should have), Jesse's scene with that girl and her kid (I like seeing Jesse interact with kids, it shows even though he can be a jerk in some aspects, he still has a heart; i loved Peek A Boo from season 2 for instance), Walt crashing into that other car to avoid doing what Hank wanted him to do, the cold open with the doctor trying to help Gus because Gus is the one who pays his salary (though i wonder, what happened to Mike?), Jessenot helping Walt when he showed up to that house,etc.

    OK, that's about all I can remember from everything that wasn't in the last like 3 scenes. The last like 3 scenes, 10 minutes of the episode... wow. I knew right when that guy showed up to electrify Walt, and the scene turned to a commercial, that the rest of the episode was going to be great. I mean, it HAD to be great. there was no way, knowing this show, something like that was going to happenand the rest of the episode wasn't going to be amazing. My expectations wereblown out of the water.

    When we see Walt, Gus and those other two guys in the desert, and Gus is telling him to stay out of the business, not to cook, and to stay away from Jesse, I loved everything about this scene. Gus' "What did you say?" when Walt asked what he would do if he went and saw Jesse again. Something so simple, but the facial expression he made was like "Are you not scared of me?" And then Walt reminds him that he can't kill him because Jesse will not work for him. I had a theory that Gus was going to be killed off in this season, and I thought it would be before now. But now that he isn't, this scene was perfect. Gus saying that if Walt interfered with his plans, that he would kill his wife, was brutal. I was shocked. I was somehow even more shocked when Gus said he would kill Walt Jr. and Walt's "infant daughter."

    I knew Gus was an evil character, of course, but... this scene and the delivery of the lines was just so intense. I actually gotsaddened. I didn't want this scene to end, because I feared the rest of the episode would somehow be boring, but i was wrong. It actually got BETTER.

    Walt rushing to Saul's office and trying to get the number of that guy was a great scene. Always nice to see Saul. Next to Jesse and Walt he's probably my favorite character.

    Then, you see Walt rushing home to get the money for the guy, only to find some of it is missing. He finds out Skylar had giving some to Ted. So, he lays on the money he still has, out of options, and starts laughing hysterically. His laughter and the whole essence of this one scene was just so intense. Walt's completely out of options now. He can't cook, he can't see Jesse, Hank is possibly going to DIE in one of the next episodes, and if Walt did anything, Skylar, Walt Jr. and Holly would die. This was so intense. And then to make it even more big, Marie calls and informs Skylar of the tip that Hank is in danger.

    I kept complaining about Ted/Skylar's plot about the money, but I love how it ties in to this plot. Walt is now out of a lot ofmoney BECAUSE of this plot. Brilliant. The whole last 10 minutes of this episode is just so brilliant and is probably my favorite moments of this show up to this point, particularly Gus/Walt's scene and Walt laughing hysterically at the end. I know I say this every week, but I absolutely cannot WAIT for next Sunday. The next two episodes are going to be so absolutely crazy and I cannot wait! Do I even need to say it? This episode gets an A+