Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 11

Crawl Space

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2011 on AMC

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  • INSANE. Too good for TV.


    This episode simply exuded perfection tonight. It was non-stop from start to finish where everything came crashing down abruptly to an all-out insanity.

    From the first scene with Jesse driving to an underground ER. And then Jesse receiving the news that Gus is ready to get rid of Walt, this episode kicks off an amazing arc that will fuel these next three episodes. Jesse, still pushes Gus to not kill Walt, a sign of a once underlying friendship, now ruined. With Mike stable and taken care of, they had to see Hector and they practically spit in his face. Giancarlo Esposito totally nails the character of Gus in its entirety. That voice and his words hit Hector's heart harder than any bullet could.

    Walt's helplessness and hopelessness was all the more apparent in this episode. He was displayed as ragged, terrified, irrational. Pleading to Tyrus to pass information "along the chain of command" Walt has been destroyed. I don't know if they are using make-up, but Bryan Cranston simply exuded the physical breakdown occurring on his face in this episode. Pleading to Jesse for help "he will kill me", then pleading to Saul. But he has the gall to stand up to Gus, even though he was rattling like he'd seen a ghost.

    It was nice to see Skyler take action tonight against Ted. Her shocked expression when she heard that Ted was unwilling to accept her money on the basis of morals was just what exactly the same feeling every audience member had. But is Ted now dead? I don't think so, that would be odd since he was still moving. It's possible that he broke his neck, as there was an nasty crunching sound on impact. Being immobilized helps Saul, so that might have been what the goons were talking about.

    I was amazed when Walt headed over to Jesse's house to find him spending time with his new-found family. I find the polarization of these characters incredibly thought provoking - it's Jesse who has become closer to his family while Walt drifts aimlessly away from his.

    I can't even start to think what will happen next - I'll probably be wrong if I speculated. The curves and twists are so unexpected, you are literally at the edge of your seat when each episode ends. All I know is that someone is going to die. I honestly don't even know anymore. It could be Gus, it could be Walt. It could still be Jesse - who knows. This show keeps you on your toes - it's the ultimate opponent against fans of the show.

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