Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 5

Dead Freight

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 12, 2012 on AMC

Episode Recap

Someone is riding a dirt bike through the deserted desert. It's a child, no more than 10 years old. He races around a bit but eventually comes to a stop and removes his helmet. He finds some flowers and nearby a large tarantula spider which he places into a jar for later observation. The boy gets back on to his dirtbike. He hears a train in the distance.


Hank is still setting up his office when Gomez announces that Walt is here. Walt checks out Hank's new office and congratulates Hank on his promotion again. Hank notices the new watch and comments about the new cars again as well. But Hank says Walt deserves it. Hank asks about Skyler and Walt says she went to work this morning, which is good. Hank says that's good and suggests that Skyler should seek out a therapist. Walt thanks Hank and Marie for taking care of the children and that he'll visit tonight. Hank sees that something is still on Walt's mind. Walt confesses that he doesn't think Skyler loves him anymore. Walt starts tearing up too. Hank disagrees and says Walt is great with the kids. Hank offers to get coffee for Walt and abruptly leaves, slightly uncomfortable with Walt's sobbing. When Hank leaves, Walt installs a device onto Hank's computer. Walt then bugs a picture that sits on Hank's desk as he returns.

Mike steps up his game with Lydia. He handcuffs her to a chair with Walt and Jesse there to help. Mike gives Lydia a script in order to use when she calls Hank in a few minutes. Mike says he will shoot Lydia if she tips Hank off in any way. Jesse readies a laptop in order to record the phone call. Mike dials the number and eventually gets through to Hank. Lydia mentions that a barrel of methylamine was found with a possible tracking device on the barrel. She's not sure but she doesn't want to interfere with any police investigations so she tells Hank to come check it out. This places pressure on Lydia, because Mike thinks she was the one who planted the device on the barrel. Now that Hank and the DEA will be watching the warehouse, Mike says they need to look elsewhere for methylamine and Walt agrees. However, Mike says they have 12 hours as the warehouse is in Texas. Walt and Jesse offer to head to the warehouse. Mike says he will deal with Lydia.

All of a sudden, they overhear Hank again, talking to another agent who says he was the one who placed the tracking devices on all of the barrels of methylamine that were transferred to this particular warehouse. Walt and Jesse are now against killing Lydia because they technically helped them out. Mike says Lydia put a hit out on Mike. The men prepare to talk. Walt sits down with Lydia. Lydia says before moving forward Walt must swear on his children's lives that she won't be harmed. Lydia confesses that she put the hit out on Mike. Lydia says she can get her hand on 24,000 gallons of methylamine. Once a week, a freight train leaves Florida and has at least one car full of methylamine. This one car continues far West, destined for Texas. There happens to be a particular 3 mile stretch which is off the grid in terms of security supervision just outside of ABQ. Mike asks about cell phone signals but Lydia says it's a dead zone for that too. Lydia suggests stopping the train, siphoning as much methylamine as possible, and then start the train again. Mike says that when the train continues, they will call the cops and the FBI might catch them soon after because in the desert, they will have no cover. There will only be two people on the train. Mike says this is a very risky venture.

At Marie and Hank's house, Hank plays with Holly and Marie is enjoying the lightened mood. Hank asks if Moody McGee (Walt Jr.) has come out of his room. Walt Jr. avoids the two family members and quickly gets a drink and retreats to his room.

Back at Jesse's house, Mike says to forget the train and look into using minions to raid small secondary outlets until they can get enough methylamine. Walt says that's no good because there will not be making enough money. Walt says Mike's guys are costing a lot week-to-week. Jesse watches as the two men argue. Jesse finally says that they can rip off the train and no one will ever know it even got robbed. Jesse has an idea. The three men head to inspect an area of the tracks where the train will come through. They walk along the tracks until they find a unique area where the track is above ground, laid out across a bridge with an area underneath. Jesse says is perfect. With the plan moving onwards, Jesse and Walt use a backhoe to dig out a massive hole for several plastic containers that can hold fluids. Soon after the guys have covered up the containers, Todd drops off water into the plastic containers so they can eventually switch it for the methylamine. Todd asks about the heist and Jesse says no one can ever know about this heist ever. Walt says the methylamine is slightly lighter than water, so they plan to remove 1000 gallons of methylamine and add in 920 gallons of water. Walt says the end result will be slightly more aqueous methylamine. Todd probes further and Walt says yes they will notice but they will blame it on China. Todd says the plan sounds solid.

Later that night, Walt heads back home and finds Skyler yelling at Walt Jr., who has holed himself up in his room. Walt Jr. says they are kicking him out of his own house. Walt Jr. wants one good reason why all this is happening, but Walt says they are his parents and Walt Jr. has to do what they say. After Walt Jr. leaves, Skyler reluctantly agrees to continue laundering his money but she is no longer his wife. Skyler says Walt must promise that when he finally gets killed by someone, it cannot be at this house. Skyler lights up a cigarette. Walt mentions that she is seeing a therapist, in order to keep up the story with Hank. Skyler sees the dirty pants and asks if Walt is burying bodies. "Robbing a train," Walt says.

Lydia calls with the exact train car in which the methylamine will be held in. She has the information because of her position at Madrigal, which is a major distributor. At the site of the heist, the men park a large track across the tracks at an intersection, pretending it is broken down. They hear the train approaching. It slows when it gets to the bridge where Walt, Jesse, and Todd wait to make the transfer with hoses ready. The conductor and the engineer see the truck up ahead where Bill Burr is waving. When it stops, the guys spring into action with a pump. The guys connect to the car of methylamine. Mike oversees the entire operation from a vantage point. It takes time to get the fluid moving. About 5 minutes go by but Bill continues to stall for time with a rig that stalls the engine. They train operators suggest pushing the truck out of the way. Walt, Jesse, and Todd continue pumping. Mike notices a large truck approaching from the distance. The man in the truck offers to push the truck away from the tracks so that the train operators can continue. The man gets the tracks clear so Walt now has to end. Bill continues to cover by getting a ride with the truck owner. The train operators are back in the train. The guys shut off the equipment as the train is started. But they have a bit more time because the train needs to move from stopped position. The guys scramble the fittings back into place. Todd leaps off the train as the brakes release. They did it. Jesse and Todd scramble back to where Walt is where they rejoice. When they turn off the pumping machine they hear a similar sound murmuring in the distance -- a child on a dirt bike.

He waves and the three men stare in silence. Todd waves back. He takes two steps forward and then removes a gun from his waistband. He shoots the child, right off the bike. He topples over as Jesse screams.

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