Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 5

Dead Freight

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 12, 2012 on AMC

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  • The eponymous freight isn't the only thing ending up dead in this splendid Breaking Bad episode

    Season five's opener "Live Free or Die" was a very small-scale hint of what was about to happen in this episode, as the unlikely trio consisting of Walt, Jesse, and Mike can now tick off 'robbing a train' from their criminal to-do list. The decisive factor for this absolutely bad-ass endeavour was methylamine, precursor for the group's product, and scallywag playing hard-to-get since the series' very first season. Yet everything's a bit bigger than it was when the high school chemistry teacher and the junkie snaffled a drum each of it from a warehouse this time around, a thousand gallons change hands and the actual recipients mustn't ever know.

    With the most beautiful Western vibe and a little help by a distracting Patrick Kuby and a slightly too enthusiastic Todd, "Dead Freight" stages this immense exploit the best way possible, but not before warming audiences up with the three interrogating Lydia in a wonderfully shot and hilariously scripted scene, Marie and Hank being even greater than usual while housing Holly and 'Emo McGee' (I like that more than Walt Jr or Flynn or whatever), and an ambiguous pre-credits sequence that isn't going to be fun to watch for arachnophobes. However, what is going to be much less fun to watch for everyone in general is the final shot of this episode, a jaw-dropping turn of events that reminds you again that Breaking Bad isn't about entertaining peril in the style of the train robbery, but the criminal life and what uncomfortable things accompany it. Writer and first-time director George Mastras struck home with this unsettling twist that very interestingly showcases the differences between the characters in the succeeding episode.

    The great thing about "Dead Freight" is that there's more than just this one thing you're going to remember about it, as the whole episode includes outstanding bits of writing, acting, and filming (I very much approve of the train-cam).
  • Train Wreck indeed

    This is the episode where they finally lost me. I am a little surprised about people not asking the electric chair for Walter at least after the fourth season.

    Killing a kid should be this episodes shocker? Really? My wife missed the episode and asked me if she missed something important. My laconic answer without thinking much about it was "They now killed a little innocent kid, Walter didn't care much but it pushed Jesse into another crisis - I am sure he will get over it".

    Yeah, I get bored. They both killed a kid in season 2 or 3 (I cant remember exactly). Yeah, they killed it by cooking meth and I am sure they killed some more they and we don't know about. That kid might have been slightly less innocent, but the hypocritical rage they killed the (physical) killers of that kid turned my stomach much more than Gus killing Victor.

    Yes, after season 3 I just felt hatred for both of them. This is at least an emotion, yes, and sure planned by the producers, but I don't think it worked for more than half a season. Protagonists you can't find likeable don't really help a show as you can't feel satifaction any more when the antagonists get their punishment. And not caring for the protagonists suddenly makes the series pointless (for me).

    I kinda hoped the final season would be exclusively about Hank hunting down our "heroes". When instead they decided to cook meth again I just thought "Please, not again".

    I know I am pretty alone with this opinion, but I hope I can live with it. I gave the episode a 5 as still the series is produced very well with great actors and inventive scripts. It is just when you stop caring about the main protagonist, all the witty plot twists get uninteresting and with this epiisode I kinda lost the rest of interest.
  • Train Wreck... (spoiler)

    This show is exactly like a train wreck that I can't stop watching. I'm horrified and morbidly interested in what happens next. I so wanted to root for Walter in the beginning and I kept having hopes that he would somehow redeem himself. I'm not sure how I kept holding out that hope after Jane and Gale - but he's crossed the line of no return with Brock and the little spider collecting boy. I just keep waiting for someone to realize that the carnage isn't worth the money. The end of this episode and the beginning of 'Buyout' had me crying like I'd lost my own child. My hat is off to Vince Gilliam, the writers and crew for yanking these emotions from me but I'm going to have to take a break and mourn this little boy before I jump back in and root for Walter's demise... and his death bed redemption.
  • Electric chair for Walt

    Good episode - but if our hero's now intend to kill mothers of 10 year old girls, and kill 11 year old boys who wave at them, then I think it best this series ends with Walt sitting on the electric chair.
  • The Great Train Robbery (Spoilers Ahead)

    The cold open of the show shows a little kid on a dirt bike going through the desert and picking up a tarantula and putting it in a glass. With the kids out of the house Walt and Skyler continue their doomed relationship dance and Walt even has to sternly tell Flynn, who insists on staying at the house, that Skyler and he need to work things out that's all he needs to know. Walt's scene breaking down in Hank's office solely to bug his computer and his picture of him and Marie was masterfully sociopathic. But it allowed them to prove Lydia was innocent of planting the device on the methalomine. Gotta say, that indeed caught me by surprise when it turns out that law enforcement was dumb enough to put it on the bottom of the outside. But with that now being untouchable and Lydia wanting to bargain for her life she offers the trio a whole "ocean of methalomine" that they can get off of a train. The details of no security and only an engineer and a conductor really made Walt, Jesse, and Mike put their heads together. Every detail was thought out and Jesse's plan no doubt was to not have to kill anybody and to not have anybody ever know that they were there. This was really strung out and high tensity as the plan to stop the train was innocent and so many factors going into making the methalomine just look watered down and more diluted from China than usual with the digging and hiding the weaker methalomine compound under a reservoir of the bridge where they stop the train. But the action thriller angle really made it pass and Walt's high risk of not stopping when Mike's guy got his truck finally taken out of the way of the rails and not dislodging until the last possible second made it look a little too good to be true. The exterminator crew/thief guy Todd was their main helper too. But the soul crushing part was when after all that planning the little boy on the bike is sitting there on his bike and saw the whole thing go down and simply waves. Before Jesse can stop him Todd puts a bullet in the kid to silence him from telling anybody about what he saw. This was truly the death of their innocence particularly because all of the people they've had to kill before were involved in the drug business from Tuco to Gus to the guys Walt shot last year in the lab, even Gale was still a meth cook and Krazy 8 was trying to kill Walt in Season 1 and the two guys in Season 3 had killed a kid and were scum and about to kill Jesse until Walt intervened. This was the death of a true innocent by their hands who had nothing to do with drugs and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's heartbreaking but it's what this show is all about. Taking "good people" and corrupting them elegantly into the other end of the spectrum to wrong-doers. I don't see this sitting well with Jesse or even Mike for that matter at all. Phenomenal episode and seeing where the fallout of this will be truly engaging I hope.
  • Where they got the stuff

    Where did they find the equipment to do this? Let's see, they needed:

    A couple of 1,000 gallon plastic containers. No problem.

    A backhoe

    A dump truck

    A 1,000+ gallon tank truck

    Some hoses with storz connections that will connect to a tanker car

    Electric wrenches

    All of this stuff can be easily rented. Remember they just had a 7-figure payday. This equipment is standard stuff and is easily within their means.

    The fact that they acquired some pretty standard equipment is not absurd. The only absurd thing about the train scene is that in this goldylocks deadzone there just happens to be a railroad crossing which is the perfect distance from a trestle which has soil in which they can bury tanks and the specific tanker car happened to stop right at the trestle at the spot where they buried the tanks. There are so many variables, the fact that they all lined up perfectly is possible, but improbable. They didn't know which tanker it would be until the day of the heist. What if the tanker car had been toward the front of the train and not at the end? They would have been seen, and their underground tanks would have been too far away. I loved the train scene, it was exciting and suspenseful and had a tragic cliff hanger ending. I think it's funny you focus on the "hey, where did they get a backhoe?" issue and not on all the other details.

    What IS absurd is that the DEA is dragging its feet on putting surveillance on Mike, meanwhile he is re-starting the meth network, paying off witnesses, destroying evidence at the police station. He didn't even wear a mask. Albuquerque is a big city. They probably have traffic cams. The police would spot Mike and Mr. White and Jesse instantly on traffic cams coming and going from the police station at night.
  • Epic show

    What a show.

    "So what ya doing now walt, burying bodies in the desert?"

    "No, robbin' a train."

    Epic, all hail to the king.

    The ending is gonna mess jesse's $#@$ up.
  • The Body?

    Will they show what happens to the body or will they just cut to the next topic?
  • Dead Freight

    Well, I would be lying if I did not say that the whole heist scene, and the pumping from the train into the land was not exciting, but where did they find the time and equipment to do this? The show gets more absurd and drifts from reality by the week.

    In a dismal season this stands as the best episode, but still far from the heights they hit last year. Just too slow-moving.
  • Loving this season's heist episodes

    Some have a gripe with Walt & Jesse coming up with such a solid plan, but I bought it.

    Wow, that ending... should set things in motion much earlier this season than usual.
  • Dead Freight

    Dead Freight was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Breaking Bad. I really enjoyed watching because Walt and the others come up with a dangerous yet rewarding plan to rob a train after they realize the warehouse is no longer a possible source. It was intense watching the characters argue their points in the various scenes. The actual train heist was awesome and fun to watch as each person played their part. Walt pushed every one to make it happen and it was a success, until the very ending when a witness changes every thing. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Mr. White's family lifes evaporates step by step, however there are some incredible scenes in this episode.

    As someone commented on youtube sometimes this show is so good one has the impression one is unworthy to watch it...The starting scene where Mr. White goes to his brother-in-law's office and plants a bug was a good beginning, showing he is capable to do anything in order to succeed and let's not forgetting keeping ones enemy closer is a sound principle...It was fascinating to see how blind Hank was, observing a new watch, commenting on a new car that Walter had purchased and not asking himself how a chemistry teacher could afford such expensive items....Second, the plan execution with holding till the last second to get the maximum quantity of meth was great as it dispelled the last uncertainty-Mr. White is out to become the boss...The ending scene with the killing of an innocent witness had to happen sooner or later and it might cause fractions between Jessie and Walter...

    All in all, this season is getting better and better and it will be interesting to see Mr. White's reasoning and behavior as the big boss.
  • brilliant show!

    twisted ending!
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