Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 5

Dead Freight

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 12, 2012 on AMC

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  • Mr. White's family lifes evaporates step by step, however there are some incredible scenes in this episode.

    As someone commented on youtube sometimes this show is so good one has the impression one is unworthy to watch it...The starting scene where Mr. White goes to his brother-in-law's office and plants a bug was a good beginning, showing he is capable to do anything in order to succeed and let's not forgetting keeping ones enemy closer is a sound principle...It was fascinating to see how blind Hank was, observing a new watch, commenting on a new car that Walter had purchased and not asking himself how a chemistry teacher could afford such expensive items....Second, the plan execution with holding till the last second to get the maximum quantity of meth was great as it dispelled the last uncertainty-Mr. White is out to become the boss...The ending scene with the killing of an innocent witness had to happen sooner or later and it might cause fractions between Jessie and Walter...

    All in all, this season is getting better and better and it will be interesting to see Mr. White's reasoning and behavior as the big boss.