Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 12

End Times

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2011 on AMC

Episode Recap

DEA agents head towards Walt's house in order to pick up Skyler, Walt Jr., and the baby. Inside, Walt admits he is not coming with her. Walt says they are safer alone without Walt at the house. Skyler doesn't like the idea but Walt says there is no other way. Skyler asks how long it will take for him to work it out but Walt says that he has made choices that he alone should suffer the consequences for. No more prolonging the inevitable, Walt says. Outside, Walt calls Hank and says that he has a car wash to run, but will be at Hank's house as soon as possible. Walt Jr. is already there. Hank is satisfied. Walt says goodbye to the baby and Skyler as the DEA agents pack up and leave. Walt is left on the driveway alone.

Walt heads to the backyard and sits near the pool with the snub-nosed revolver, waiting. Meanwhile, the DEA agents have started patrols around Hank's house. Walt Jr. is upset that Walt himself decided to head to the car wash instead. Hank tries to subdue Marie's worries about the whole situation. Gomez is there and Hank again tries to convince him that this may be related to Gus Fring, as Hank started snooping into Fring's operations. Hank tries to egg Gomez on, saying to go look at the laundry facility. Gomez is ticked off enough to go check it out. He meets a person named Dennis there and Gomez talks his ear off enough to get Dennis to show him around. Gomez says he could get an official warrant, but then they would have to shut down the facility to search. Dennis allows the two officers to go ahead. The other agent with Gomez gets a drug-sniffing dog out of the SUV and follows Gomez around. The two get precariously close to the entrance of the superlab. Jesse and Tyrus are down below, working. Jesse shuts off the machines and worries that they might be stuck there for a while. Tyrus gets a call and passes the phone to Jesse. Gus is on the phone and says that Walt is the reason behind all of this. Jesse still does not agree that this means Walt should die. Gus listens and says there will be an appropriate response.

The dog finishes the search and the two officers thank Dennis for his cooperation. As the DEA leaves, Dennis calls Jesse to continue working. Later on, Jesse heads to collect his car which he left on a deserted road. He tries to call Walt, but Walt doesn't pick up. Jesse then checks his messages, six of them from Saul. When Jesse gets to Saul's, Huell frisks him. Saul seems to be getting rid of his documents and money. Saul says he is hitting the road and wants to give Jesse his money. Jesse hasn't talked to Walt, so Saul clues him in. Saul is worried that he might be considered "family" of Walt. Jesse takes his duffle bag and heads out, shocked at the news. Gomez gives Hank the photos from the laundry site and is now viewing them on a laptop. Marie tries calling Walt as well and leaves a message. The rest of the family sits around waiting. Skyler checks out the view on the second floor balcony and asks one of the agents for a cigarette.

The sun starts setting. Jesse has now headed home. He gets a cell phone call from someone. It's Andrea saying that Brock is in the hospital. Andrea says that Brock was fine this morning but the nurse informs them that they have to move the child into intensive care (ICU). Jesse is shocked and heads outside. He checks his pack of cigarettes and notices that the ricin cigarette is missing. Jesse frantically double-checks, but none of the cigarettes contains the poison. Jesse rushes inside and tells Andrea that Brock might have been poisoned with ricin. Andrea doesn't understand but she rushes back to Brock as Jesse runs out of the hospital. Jesse heads to Walt's house, which he has now barricaded against entry. Jesse says he wants to talk. Walt says that everything is coming to an end. Walt worries about Gus' next move. And they hear tires screech outside. Jesse picks up the snub-nose and aims at Walt. Jesse questions Walt, but Walt says he called the DEA, nothing about Brock.

Jesse asks about Brock who he says is poisoned. The cigarette is missing and Jesse says that Walt and Jesse were the only two people who had ever seen it. Jesse's paranoia has gotten him carried away. Walt calmly states that he never had the chance to take the cigarette off of Jesse's body. Walt says he would never poison a child. Jesse says this payback for working for Gus, but Walt denies anything related to it. Jesse pushes Walt to the floor and tells him to stop lying. Walt says he's not lying, he's telling the truth. Walt has no motive. Walt all of a sudden erupts into one of his laughing fits again until Jesse kicks him to stop. Walt says that day he has been waiting for one of Gus' men to head over here and kill him. Little did Walt know it would be Jesse. Walt quickly puts two and two together: Gus planned this. Gus has allowed children to be murdered. He poisoned Brock. Walt says that Tyrus might have lifted the cigarette out of his locker at the superlab. Gus has been watching everything. Walt says to kill him right now if Jesse actually thinks that Walt is capable of this. Jesse doesn't hold back and pushes the gun into Walt's forehead. But Jesse doesn't shoot.

Walt stops Jesse from leaving the house to look for Gus in this angry state. Jesse wants to kill Gus too now, but Walt says he wants to help. Back at the hospital, Jesse heads back to see Brock. Since it's the ICU, the nurse warns to call security. Jesse heads out before she calls and sits in the hospital. Tyrus wakes him up, saying that Jesse needs to get to work. Jesse says he won't be going in. Tyrus tries to grab Jesse, but Jesse screams that he's being attacked. Not wanting to draw attention, Tyrus calmly heads out, calling Gus on the way. Back at Walt's house, his kitchen is in complete disarray. Something is cooking on the stove and it's not food. Walt tests a walky-talky operated battery that can act as an igniter. Walt is clearly making some sort of bomb. Gus and a guard step out of the car at the hospital in the parking lot. Tyrus fetches Jesse from upstairs. Gus says that he understand that the child is sick, but the business is still in operation and Jesse is needed. Jesse is upset. But Gus asks if he can help by getting doctors and more because he is on the board of the hospital. Jesse says Brock was poisoned but the doctors don't know what happened. Since the incomplete batch is now waste, Gus says that Jesse can stay here and Tyrus will clean the equipment for the next batch. Gus heads down to the parking garage with the two men. Walt watches from afar, the next building over.

As the trio approach Gus' Volvo, Gus grows wary. Walt is waiting for Gus to get closer, but Gus instead looks out of the garage across the way to see if anyone is looking. Gus sees nothing as Walt ducks. Gus doesn't appear to see anything, but he still leaves the garage without taking the car. Walt is flabbergasted that his plan did not work.