Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 12

End Times

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2011 on AMC

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  • "An Appropriate Response" (Spoilers Ahead)


    The DEA offers Walter Jr., Holly, and Skyler protection while Walt refuses saying he has to look after the car wash since the assassins aren't after him. Hank looks into the convenient timing of his death threat and gets Gomez and another agent to look into the laundry where Hank suspects (correctly) about the super lab. While it's being searched by Gomez and a dog Jesse and Tyrus have to shut down the machinery and wait for them to stop. When Gus calls to inform Jesse that this heat is from Walt Jesse still refuses to let Walt be killed but Gus ensures that there will be an appropriate response. Jesse gets an urgent call from Saul to come get his money from him as he is leaving town due to the rising conflict. While Walt stews in his neurosis of paranoia Jesse gets a call from Andrea that Brock is in the hospital and shows signs of sickness despite being fine earlier. When he goes out for a smoke he realizes the Ricin cigarette is gone. Jesse freaks and tells the doctors to look into it as treatment. He visits Walt and turns Walt's gun on him because he thinks it was him that poisoned Brock even though the only fact we have is that it's not Walt. I think the kid just found it inside the cigarette when he wanted to smoke one. The scene between Walt explaining how Gus is behind it and how it fit so poetically into an end of Walt's life was masterful in every sense. With Jesse won back and the partners back against the world Walt began making a pipe-bomb while Jesse refuses to leave the hospital to get Gus's attention for the when the current batch goes bad. Gus arrives and tells Jesse that he can remain to look after Brock's condition and he can make up for it next week and when he returns to his Walt is about to blow it. But Gus stops in the parking garage and looks around, full of suspicion. Walt sits on a rooftop to set the detonation just right but Gus abandons the car. All hope is not yet lost though but there will for sure be some explosions next week. This season finale looks to be the best yet, Gus will get his comeuppance Hank will move closer to Gus's guilt, Walt will become the new drug leader of sorts, and maybe Mike will return from Mexico. The best series on TV for sure, too bad this season is almost at an end. Great thing we still have a whopping 16 episode fifth season to get us along next year and possibly half the next. Breaking Bad always continues to amaze as the most invested and all around well made produced series of the past decade.

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