Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 12

End Times

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2011 on AMC

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  • I wish it was the Season 4 finale already


    Oh my gosh, I didn't want this episode to end... I was so hooked on this episode and didn't want to get off my couch to go to the restroom, get myself a drink from the kitchen, etc. unless it was commercial break. I wish it was already the Season 4 finale because I want to see if they Walter, Jesse or anyone else will kill Gus. Walter packing the things for the family and telling them to stay at Hank's house so they can be save was awesome. I wonder what happened to Mike because he hasn't appear since the last episode when he was at the hospital. I wonder if he either died or the hospital is still recovering him. Hopefully, the Season 4 finale will explain it because I'm a little confused if Mike is going to make it or not. Moving on, the whole storyline was excellent. Jesse seeing that someone poisoned his little son was very intense. Jesse coming over to Walter's house and aiming his gun at Walter because he thinks that Walter poisoned Jesse's little son was so freakin' intense. Walter helping out Jesse about Gus and all that was very good. I hope Walter and Jesse's partnership comes back since I've always joined their partnership in Seasons 1-3 especially when they cook. In this season, they really didn't have a lot of partnership but it was still good. The very ending was making me really shake because I thought Walter OR Jesse were going to kill Gus but they didn't. I wonder if Gus will finally be killed in the Season 4 finale next Sunday night. It will be so freakin' intense if Gus is finally died. Overall, I wish it was the Season 4 finale already. 10/10

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