Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 12

End Times

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2011 on AMC

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    As usual, Breaking Bad continues to dazzle. This episode picks off right after the previous one. You know, the one where Walt was laughing like a madman after realizing Skyler gave some money to Ted? Well, in this episode, Skyler, Holly and Walter Jr. go off to Hank and Marie's. Walter is scared for his life (Who wouldn't be, Gus is a crazy guy) and so he stays behind. He knows that at any moment, Gus could be coming for him, to kill him.

    I really liked this episode, particularly the last half or so. Jesse finding out Brock was poisoned from the Ricin was really intense. For a couple minutes, I thought Brock might have taken it himself; I don't know, maybe he wanted a cigarette?

    The part that really got me, and was a REALLY well-done scene, wa when Jesse was at Walt's and put the gun on him. Holy crap, that was a great scene. I was not expecting that, and that is among my favorite scenes of the series. Everything about that scene worked so well, and i loved when Walt told Jesse to fire the gun on him if he did not believe him about not poisoning Brock. I like that they're starting to see eye-to-eye more so. Hopefully they'll have a lot of scenes together next episode, because whilst I have loved this season, I have kind of missed the Walt/Jesse interactions, particularly the cooking.

    Then, the last scene, with Walt trying to kill Gus. I love Gus' curiosity; he knew something was planned. You could tell by his facial expressions. I thought it was going to end with Gus pulling out a cell phone, and calling Walt. Final lines of the episode would be something like:

    Walt: Hello?

    Gus: Hello, Walter.

    only it would be said in a sinister, evil way, to let you know that gus knew walt was watching him (which i am pretty sure he knew).

    Irregardless, the ending we got was fine. I so can't wait for next week. I'm really anxious for next week, and I know it is going to be intense. It's also going to suck a little, because knowing this show, it's going to end on some big cliffhanger that won't be resolved until sometime next year, which will suck. But for now, I am glad we still have the season finale next week. A+ episode, though you all probably could have guessed that by now.