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Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 13

Face Off

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2011 on AMC

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  • AMAZING Season 4 finale... it's everything that I expected from this incredible crime drama show.


    Well, it is the Season 4 finale of my favorite crime drama show "Breaking Bad". Next summer will be Season 5 which is a long wait but I can wait. At least, they didn't leave any cliffhangers for this Season 4 finale. The Season 4 finale actually had a very happy ending. We actually see Walter smile at the end of this Season 4 finale which was awesome since we've only seen Walter be angry and depressed all this season. Jesse seemed to be very happy as well. Although, Jesse does smile twice more than Walter. Walter is rarely happy and this is pretty much the only Season 4 episode where we actually see Walter smile and be happy. Everything in this Season 4 finale was everything that I've expected. Also, Gus is finally dead. That's right, after an attempt to try and kill Gus all season long... he finally died. Walter helping that angry old man (I forgot his name) get revenge on Gus was amazing. The explosion scene at the hospital which was how they planned to kill Gus was truly awesome... I loved it. Also, Walter and Jesse burning the laboratory was truly awesome as well. Too bad we won't see Walter and Jesse cooking together at the laboratory ever again. I wonder what they're gonna do in Season 5. Also, they didn't show Mike... is he dead? If anyone of you know about Mike, please message me because I'm confused if he is still recovering at the hospital or he died. Overall, an incredible with Season 4 finale with a very happy ending... I can't wait for Season 5 next summer. 10/10

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