Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 13

Face Off

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2011 on AMC

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  • nothing short of perfection


    Well, here we are; the final episode of season 4. This was pretty much everything you could hope for the final episode of the season. It happens. By "it" i refer to the demise of one Gustavo Fring. Yep, Gus died, and what a scene it was. I was expecting Hector (or whatever his name was, I know a Hector was mentioned but I don't know if it was this guy or some other guy) to kill Gus, or be a part of the killing of him (and Tyrus, who also died, but nobody really cares. he was merely in it for the ride), but the explosion that was caused. Wow. That entire moment was so intense. It was really weird to see Gus walk out of the room, half his face off (Face Off. Name of the episode. Get it?), and then him dying. I think they had it so he died so we KNEW he would die. I mean, if the scene ended with him walking out, naturally people would think he was still alive, only to find out when next season rolled along he died.

    The ricin plot was interesting too. I was surprised when it was revealed Brock wasn't poisoned by Ricin. I thought it was something else entirely and he was not poisoned at all. Then it is revealed he was poisoned by the berries of a plant called the Lily of the Valley.

    Walt calling Skyler and telling her he "won" and basically telling her he killed Gus was pretty interesting. I didn't know if he would tell her the truth or if he would just lie, like in the past.

    And, the ending shot. The shot where, you know, we are in the White's backyard, we see a plant, and you can see the name of the plant being Lily of the Valley. Wow. I had read speculation on sites that say that they thought Walter poisoned Brock, and this confirmed it. Pretty interesting way to end the season.

    This was a really good episode and a really good season finale. I loved pretty much everything about it. I really can't wait for a season 5, though I don't know how they will ever top this season. A+

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