Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 13

Face Off

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2011 on AMC

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  • A great end of series. The penultimate. Filled with movie and series references, think Arnie, dark humour and intrigue. Double crosses still continue amongst friends and allies alike. BB is the pinnacle of 'grey morality', which many of us would do!


    This episode could have ended so many ways. I was expecting Walt to off the lot of them and because there's no other kingpin, to take the chair. Perhaps, this is going to be his justice. Like in the Shield a bent cop was demoted to menial tasks, perhaps a job you don't want, like a king gangster with lots of people waiting their time, might be a fitting ending.

    We have 16 more episodes left. Though, we're going to have to wait probably a year to get there.

    This episode, Walt has to double guess at every step to stay ahead of the game. I would say the family tension isn't as strong as other episodes. I would say that maybe they ought to have directed more slower scenes with the tension. Unlike other series, where there's a lot of action or SFX, BB has quite a slow ending.

    It's a pity we are drawn to a visual shot of the plant in Walt's garden at the end. This suggests a bit of mal practice on his part. It's a pity it wasn't alluded to much in passing before. That was the only let down. It was a lot like a USA Blade Runner, talk over explanation ending.

    It was good to see Saul back. He's one of my fav characters. If he don't do stand up.. he ought to!