Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 13

Face Off

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2011 on AMC

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  • Wow, TV at its best

    This was the year of Breaking Bad. Previously living under the shadows of Mad Men, Breaking Bad took full advantage of M.M creator's salary dispute with AMC. It had been picking pace since season 2, and hit its peak this year. Season started with double barrel bangs in the premier and maintained the thrill through its 13 episodes. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were the show runners for 3 previous seasons, but this year Gustavo Fring, Gus, made his mark as the most elegant and outstanding character in a cast of extremely talented characters/actors. Season 4 raised B.B from a very good TV Show to just about the league of The Wire and The Sopranos (Please tell me you've seen one of these at least). The penultimate episode of the show was the finest piece of art that ever blessed our TV/Computer screens. It was a battle between Walter and Gus in which Jesse was being used as a pawn. Both of the big shots knew that the town was big enough for only one of them and one of them had to go for good. Walter displayed his evil side which he had previously hinted at in the final scene of the episode. It confirmed that Walter had gone to the depths of poisoning a young boy to turn Jesse against Gus. Walter finally got his way and got one over Gus. He used every trick in the book and manipulated every character on the show to kill Gus. The one that finally worked was an unusual person, Tio Salamanca, the disabled rival of Gus. Walter crafted a master plan to kill Gus and it was beautifully picturized as well by the director. The scene when Gus dies, was one of the best scenes of all times in my opinion. It was quite literally (not metaphorically) jaw dropping.

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