Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 05, 2012 on AMC

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  • Ok, Mr. thefanof!

    Ok, I don't know if I can do this or not, because although I visit every day, I don't comment much, but I would like to respond to the absurd review made by thefanof. I usually respect other people's opinion because they are as legitimate as mine, but the case is that thefanof and me watch lots of the same shows, and in my opinion his reviews are almost always ridiculous.

    A review, an article containing someone's opinion, must have information that allows us to understand such evaluation. And you never do that!!!

    But with the review about "Fifty-One" I just had to talk. So for you this episode was just emmy material for Anna Gunn?!. How can you only see that when this episode was a meditation on what changed in Walt's life and in Walt himself over the past seasons, over the last year, and by the way, a meditation that was way more complex, and way more "art" than almost every other show in recent television history? The amount of

    implicit information lying under every line of dialogue in this episode (and in this show), and the amount of emotions shown in every character's faces, are NOT just emmy material for Anna Gunn.

    And then you say Anna Gunn's performance in this show is awful. Ok, so let's take the example of this episode's fight between her and Walter. Do you think it is an easy scene to do? Do you think every actress can put such intensity in her words and in her body lenguage, for ten minutes, while shouting just ONCE? Really, she didn't raise her voice, but nonetheless it was one of the most intense conversations in the history of the show (incredible work by the writers and the actors, Cranston is unbelievable). She may not be the best performer in the show. Cranston is a genius, Paul is excellent, and Norris, Odenkirk, Esposito and Banks are very good too, but she is one hell of an actress in a very difficult role.

    And then you say you don't want to hear how this is art. Ok, so what do you want to hear? That this is poor television work? That the scene in which we see Walter talking and Skyler is in the back, jumping in a pool with the same color as the drug he sells is just a normal scene of television? That the opening scene, that allows us to perfectly understand the differences between Walter and Heisemberg, is just a filler scene? That the fight scene isn't one of the best scenes of the show? That the final scene isn't supremely well done, with the excellent use of the (little) light showing Skyler's indifference and Walter's pride? The only ones who will say that this show isn't art are the ones like you, the haters, and the ones who just want hot girls and boys talking about the weather and cheating on each other on a tv show. But I know you're not like that, because I know you watch some very good shows! So, just like the poster for one of my favourite movies reads: look closer. You may not like it, you have all the right not to like it, but DONT say its a bad show, or if you do, justify it!

    I think that with this response to the one who is, in my opinion, one of the most ridiculous reviewers of, my own review is almost done.

    This was one of the most incredible episodes of the entire series. Breaking Bad is, right now, the best show on TV. Every aspect of the show is brilliant. The writing, the acting, the directing, the photography, everything. For me, the show is a masterpiece, and nothing, absolutely nothing about it, is overrated.

    PS: I'm form Portugal, exceuse me for the messy english.

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