Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 05, 2012 on AMC

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  • Fifty One

    The episode opened with Lydia getting a visit at Madrigal from the DEA including Hank and Gomez. She takes them to a man who works for Madrigal that gets arrested. Lydia reveals that he was the delivery-person for all of their chemicals and that Mike's operation can't happen anymore but Mike sends Jesse to get a barrel that Lydia left out of inventory. When Jesse lifts it down off of the shelf with a forklift Lydia points out a device on the bottom of the barrel that is a tracking device so they put it back. Mike insists that Lydia must've put it there since if it was planted by the cops it would've been much less sloppily done than that. Mike says that Lydia needs to be taken care of and his letting her live was a lapse of judgment on his part. Jesse sticks up for her as she doesn't seem the type but Mike tells him that they're both being sexist by not killing her simply because she's a woman. Walt says that there is a better way and with his Heisenberg hat in tow he lays down the law that they will not kill her. He buys a new car for himself and Junior after getting his old car all the way back from Season 1 gets fixed and sells it to the guy who fixed it for fifty bucks and gets Junior and himself a pair of muscle cars instead. Skyler threatens to take the kids away and she doesn't want Walt's influence on the kids poisoning their family again. Hank and Marie come over for his birthday dinner and Skyler, on the edge of losing it, walks into the pool much to everyone's dismay. She gets Marie and Hank to take Junior and Holly for a few days while Walt and Skyler work things out. Walt confronts her about the pool incident and how he's back in biz but Skyler doesn't want to hear anything about it. Walt keeps poking holes in her plans that she keeps coming up with and she admits that she doesn't have a master plan only that she wants to get the kids away from Walt and every minute is a victory. This was top tier work on the behalf of Cranston and Gunn, who finally got an Emmy nom for last season's performance by her. Since this is one year exactly since the Pilot it's weird to see just how far they've come and how much Skyler wants Walt out of her life now which is sad seeing how against each other they are now. Hank deducing Skyler's infidelity would be a surprise to him and his musing on the fact that nobody from Gus's operation is talking and that someone is keeping them quiet and he believes it to be Mike pulling those strings. Topped with Jesse's gift of a really nice watch made Fifty One this season's best episode so far but also a bittersweet contemplation of how close Walt is to transforming into the kingpin and filling the drugless void of New Mexico's underground.
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