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AMC (ended 2013)

How did you understand the end?

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    [1]Oct 17, 2011
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    Spoiler alert!

    Do you think that Gus bought the lilly and had it put in Walt's garden to frame him? That's what I understood, I don't think Walt could harm Brook just to get Jessie to turn on Gus, even though he was desperate enough to kill.

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    [3]Oct 17, 2011
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    I think Walt could kill to save his family,he watched as Jessie's druggie girlfriend choked on her on vomit just to keep him on track. Walt can be ruthless when he wants too.

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    [4]Oct 17, 2011
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    Walt is a chemist. He 'poisoned' Brock with a harmless drug to make Jesse turn on Gus. Gus was really a stand up guy, all in all. Walt let us know just how much of a bastard he could be, when it comes to protecting his family. Walt was so erratic that Gus couldnt just let him go. Walt is a nut, it's his fault the DEA investigated Gus in the first place. He kept doing things to cause problems for himself. like alienating Jesse and suggesting to Hank that gail wasnt the mind behind the superlab, which ultimately put Gus in the DEA's crosshairs.

    He finds out Skylar gave the money to Tim (or whatever the guy's name is), then he starts laughing uncontrollably, until his face goes blank as if he died or something. What the hell was that about? I love the show but that was the most boring season in tv history. Everything that happened couldve been shown in 3 episodes.
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    [5]Oct 18, 2011
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    The message was without a doubt: Walt did poison the kid. It was not harmless either, because the child could have died.

    The question is: how could he have done it? As he pointed out to Jesse he had no opportunity to get the Ricin cigarette out of Jesse's pocket.

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    [6]Oct 20, 2011
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    according to jesse, the drug was harmless overall, and its ingested by lots of children who get sick and get well after a few days. the ricin cigarette had nothing to do with brock's illness. it was just a way for the producers to waste enough time to fill out the show's duration.

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    [7]Oct 21, 2011
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    No, the Ricin Cigarette was not used to pad out the series. It was fundamental to the plot and Walt's plan at the end that Jesse assume that Brock was poisoned by something that would be a message to him. It needed to be something Gus would have done so that Jesse would have been on Walt's side to off Gus. The cigarette pack was switched with a new pack by Huwel when he "searched" Jesse at Saul's office. This invoked Jesse to suspect it was Gus, and help Walt.

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    [8]Oct 23, 2011
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    Idon't think you'll ever really know if Walt poisoned the kid or not, but we will always suspect that he did. The plant was in his back yard, remember the scene when he spun the gun and it twice pointed to him? The third spin pointed to the poisonous plant.... It's all a part of his journey further into the life he has chosen. Season one he had a hard time killing the thug in the basement and then later in the series he watched as Jane died when he could have saved her and had little problem running over and shooting the two drug dealers to save Jessie and at the end of season four he had no problem shooting two men in the drug lab elevator to free Jessie. I suspect in season five we will see Walt turning into a ruthless drugkingpin who will go to even greater lengths to protect what is dear to him.

    I alsothink a lot is left for the viewer to figure out. Like Skyler explaining to Walt why she gave Ted the $600K+ to protect them or how/if she found out about Ted breaking his neck, you know she will think the two guys Saul sent done it and it was no accident. My question is will she feel responsible or think Walt had him killed? After all "He's not afraid of a knock on his door, he's the one knocking on the door" and after the season four finally he's proved it killing Leonel Salamanca, Gus and Victor with a pipe bomb.

    I'm also wondering just how Skyler will react to the bombing? Will she try and leave Walt again in fear of him or maybe become more involved in Walt's "business" I could see her becoming very conniving and ruthless herself.

    And, you got to know that Walt will soon spill the beans to his brother-in-law Hank about everything, That will be a fun episode. Hank unknowingly is already too deep in, how will he ever explain how the biggest meth cook in the southwest was living right under his nose, his brother-in-law no less and he never knew. Walt has been paying his medical bills and expenses andHank's killing of the Salamanca boys will only look like he was helping Walt eliminate the competition so he could move up and take over their territory.

    This show is all about actions and concequences. How would Walt ever think that watching Jane die would have led to the plane crash? Or his idea to make a little quick cash for his family would have him becoming the criminal he is now, remember how Hank described Heisenberger early in the series, as a new heavy weight player in the meth business?

    With Gus and the major Cartel players now gone I look for Walt to become the new "boss" at least for a short time if he can get Mike on board. Mike knows all of Gus's operations, collections and distributions, and Walt is showing he has the smarts to control things, somewhat. And if he does bring Hank into it then he has a mole inside the DEA.

    Of coarse I could just be full of crap.....LOL

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    [9]Nov 29, 2011
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    Walt definitely poisoned Brock. The whole point of 'Breaking Bad' is the degeneration of Walt's character, who in an attempt to secure his family's safety and well-being, has become a paranoid, narcissistic killer who with do anything, like poison Brock, in order to stay ahead.

    I so hope Jesse finds out that he poisoned Brock, and that he was also responsible for Jane's death.

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    [10]Dec 7, 2011
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    If you guys remember previous episode.
    Walt is thinking what he is going to do next.
    he is sitting outside by the pool.
    he is play Russian roulette with the pistol.
    and twice he spins it and it points to himself, but the third time it points to the lilies!!!

    he planned for Jesse to try and kill him and that he would be able to convince Jesse that it was GUS, he predicted and in fact got Jesses help to get Gus to the hospital where he always planned to kill him.
    he needed him outside his comfort zone but he didn't think GUS would of seen this.
    the nursing home he couldn't have planned without Jesse.

    This is plain simple a Chess game who ever thinks the more moves ahead always wins.

    one thing is sure Jesse hates being played !!!
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    [12]Jan 8, 2012
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    There are some time bombs under the surface -- Brock, Jane, etc. What about the ricin cigarette? Is it still out there for someone to accidentally smoke?

    The thing I don't get is when did Walt get close enough for Brock to take the poison? Did it happen off screen?

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