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Official Discussion Thread - "Fly" (possible spoilers)

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    Did I wet, just another amaaazing episode of BB. Slap it high!!
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    Bamb0o-Stick wrote:
    That's a good point you made there wingsabre. This episode seems chock full of symbolism, which I hope will be clarified more once we see what happens in the later episodes. The use of color is very strong in this one, even I noticed it right from the beginning. The blinking red light above Walt's room is what bothers me the most. There is a constant clashing of blue (Walt's color) and red (the laundromat and Jesse). The last scene with the fly silhouetted in the blinking red light drove me bonkers wondering what this could mean. I foresee something really dark and/or tragic to happen soon.
    For a second I swear, I imagined Space Odysseys' HAL was about to speak

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    There were three things that bothered me about this episode.

    Number one, a fly only lives for about a day. They could have just left and come back later. Walt should have known this.

    Number two, why not use the huge vacuum tube to suck the fly out of the room? I realize this episode wasn't really about the fly, but to strengthen the bond between Jesse and Walt, but please. Walt would have been smarter than what was written for him.

    Number three, why not have Jesse keep an eye on the fly, while Walt pours the "stuff" into the "container"? This way you can guarantee that the fly is NOT in the "soup."

    I hoped that the fly would end up in Walt's coffee, dead, so that they could have thought "we should have just done this since the get-go."
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