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Will Walt achieve financial success for himself and his family?

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    Bryan Cranston stated in an interview, The Term Breaking Bad is a southern colloquialism and it means when someone who has taken a turn off the path of the straight and narrow, when they've gone wrong. And that could be for a day or for a lifetime.

    After the episode Half Measures, Walt has committed himself to the life of a violent meth cook looking out for his partner Jesse. Walt had concerns with the contract Gus gave him for 3 months, worth 3 million dollars for 3 months of work. Walt shared that contract with Jesse. Speaking with Gus about what happens afterwards when the 3 months are up, Gus simply extended the contract indefinitely earning Walt 12 million dollars a year to continue cooking for him.

    My question is, now that Walt has committed himself even further down the rabbit hole, will Walt see financial success while he is still alive?

    Possible scenarios, Living life as a millionaire while being heavily investigated by Hank and the DEA. Don't forget that Walt may feel cheated out of his life's work by his former partner Elliot. He may see his new life as a means to earn back wha trightfully should be his, after attending the party for Elliot, he admired how he was living well.

    Any thoughts about the direction this awesome showwould take?

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    In the end it'll be a big waste of time, accomplishing nothing and losing everything.
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    I remember watching The Shield (spoiler alert) and wondering how the money train was going to play out.

    One of the members of the team grew a conscience and burned most of the money. Then one by one, they all met some kind of demise -- first Lem, then Shane, then Ronnie. Vic got to watch it all go to hell and then he was relegated to a meaningless desk job in the end, all the while getting to stew on everything he was responsible for.

    I bring up the Shield because the premises are almost identical between it and Breaking Bad.

    I wonder if he'll live long enough to see the ruin he caused -- and then die knowing he was unsuccessful. How depressing!

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