Breaking Bad

Season 3 Episode 13

Full Measure

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 13, 2010 on AMC

Episode Recap

An empty house is seen. A real estate agent shows a much younger Walt and Skyler (pregnant with Walt Jr.) their current home. Walt has his hair and a much more suave attitude. He's working at the chemistry company he used to work for. They see the pool and the appliances. Walt says they will have 3 kids eventually, Skyler will write – clearly they are full of ambition with high set goals. Walt says why buy a starter house when they'll have to move up in size in a couple of years anyway. But Skyler says it would be too much. Walt says there's nowhere to go but up.

Walt sits in his Aztec near an abandoned farm. The front is damaged. He watches as an SUV pulls up in the far distance. Walt grabs his "Heisenberg" hat and gets out of the car to meet up with Mike. Someone else is with him but this person doesn't come out. Mike pats down Walt. Mike says he was out all night cleaning up after Walt. Mike suggests to Walt to get the car fixed. Victor comes out of the SUV. Gus comes out a minute later. Gus asks if Walt is feeling well because no rational person would have done what Walt did. Walt said that Jesse was about to get killed. Gus again wonders why Walt would save a junkie. Walt says Jesse was angry that the two goons had murdered the 11-year-old Tomas. Walt says Jesse may have thought Gus called the hit. Gus says how dare he ask that, Walt says he's not asking him, it was just a thought Jesse may have had.

Jesse is on the run and Walt says Gus and Mike will never find him. Walt says they are done with their partnership. Jesse is done. Walt presents two options to Gus: (a) kill Walt right now, no witnesses, track down Jesse and kill him too; (b) continue cooking and forget about Jesse. Gus says Walt will need a new assistant and this time he is choosing. Gus gets back into the SUV and Mike reminds Walt to fix the car. When Walt shows up to the warehouse, it's fixed. Victor opens the lab door and walks him down the stairs. Gale is back and Walt welcomes him back. They waste no time and get to work, as professional as we've seen these two before.

Mike is seen driving his granddaughter back to her mother's house. He has kept some balloons. Later that night, he takes the balloons (which have an aluminum backing) and short-circuits the power lines near a warehouse. Guards cock their guns and head out of the office they are in. Mike kills them both swiftly (and with a silencer – he's definitely done this before). He finds a secretary inside but tells her to be quiet. He kills two more men and finds a man named Chow. It seems he runs a chemical plant. Mike asks Chow if the secretary can drive well. Then he shoots Chow with a minor wound, says to return his calls next time, and tells Chow to get the secretary to drive him to the hospital. Mike inspects the I.D.'s of the men he killed. Mike later tells Gus that the men at the warehouse were sent by the cartel.

Back at the lab, Gale and Walt continue to work. Victor watches every move from up the stairs. Gale assures Walt that there will be no mistakes this time. Walt simply compliments Gale. Gale is seen at home, watering his plants. He owns a collection of oddities, most notably a clock powered by potatoes. He sings along to an interesting melody. Gus pays Gale a visit. Gale is shocked to see Gus and quickly offers Gus anything. Gus asks when Gale could possibly be able to take over the lab on his own with an assistant. Gus mentions Walt's health problems and says that Walt is dying of cancer (keep in mind, Walt is in remission though). Gale doesn't know because Walt is such a secretive person. Gus just wants to be prepared that if Walt somehow gets more ill, Gale could be able to take over. Gus asks if Gale is ready now – but Gale admits he needs a few more cooks to take down all the steps and directions involved. Gus is happy that Gale says he can handle it after one more cook. Gale and Walt are next seen cleaning the equipment, asking a couple of extra questions.

Meanwhile, Saul gets a knock on the door from Mike. Mike is looking for Jesse Pinkman. Mike puts the pressure on Saul. Saul says he can't tell Mike, but again Mike demands it, this time almost getting physical. When Saul leaves to get coffee, Mike finds an address on the desk. Saul also shows Walt the laser tag location. Saul opens up the door and starts turning stuff on. Then he switches topics and says he's being followed and things are getting dangerous. Jesse is in the laser tag store. The address Saul planted for Mike was a fake. Walt already knows that Gus wants to kill him off too. Gale is asking too many questions so Walt has been vague with explanations. Jesse asks what they need to do. Walt and Jesse know what they have to do (it's not revealed though). Jesse says he'd rather go to the cops. They've had a good run, Jesse says, but Walt says production can't stop. If Walt's the only chemist Gus has, Gus has to keep him alive and Jesse too. Jesse says he can't do it. Walt says he's going to do it, but he needs help because Gus is keeping a close watch. It becomes clear they're going to kill Gale but Victor is always around, so Jesse needs to find a way to get Victor out of the way. Walt needs Gale's address. Walt says he saved Jesse's life and asks if Jesse can save his.

Walt is at home with his daughter. Skyler and Walt Jr. are in the background. Walt gets a call from Jesse. Jesse gives Gale's address to Walt. Walt plans to put his plan of action in effect tonight. Jesse again tells Walt not to do this and to go to the cops. Walt heads outside, but suddenly Victor shows up and tells him there is a chemical leak at the lab. Walt has an uneasy feeling as he gets into the car with Victor (alone). Walt thinks it's pretty much the end of the line. He knows Gus wants him dead. Bringing him to the warehouse at this time of night is a death sentence, he figures. Mike opens up the stairwell to get in. Walt heads down in what he must feel is his death trap. Walt tells Mike that he can't do this. Walt pleads to Mike. Then Walt says he can give Jesse to Mike. Mike says if he can get an address but Walt says he moves around a lot. Walt says he will call Jesse. Jesse is getting ready to use meth again, but stops. Jesse gets the call from Walt. Walt says he can't do it anymore and it has to be Jesse. Walt then screams quickly that they're going to kill him. Jesse springs into action, grabbing a gun.

Mike and Victor get ready to shoot Walt, but then Walt says Gus is going to need him and spits out Gale's address. Victor starts running. Mike erupts with anger. Mike attempts to warn Gale, but the latter is listening to his eccentric music and doesn't hear his phone vibrate. Jesse knocks on Gale's door and he opens it. Jesse struggles while Gale tells Jesse that he doesn't have to do this. Jesse sobs but fires point blank.