Breaking Bad

Season 3 Episode 13

Full Measure

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 13, 2010 on AMC



  • Quotes

    • Walt: You've always struck me as a very pragmatic man [Gus], so if I may I would like to review options with you, of which, it seems to me, you have two. Option A: you kill me right here and now. Apparently I have made that very easy for you. You can kill me, no witnesses, and then spend the next few weeks or months tracking down Jesse Pinkman, and you kill him too. A pointless exercise it seems to me, but that is option A.
      Gus: What is option B?
      Walt: I continue cooking. You and I both forget about Pinkman. We forget this ever happened. We consider this a...lone hiccup in an otherwise long and fruitful business arrangement. I prefer option B.