Breaking Bad

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2009 on AMC

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  • Even Though It's Season Two, Episode Two, I Prefer to See "Grilled" as a Fantastic Finale for Season One

    "Grilled" is every bit as hot as its title suggests in fact, it's most definitely the show's most intense episode up to that point. One could likely have reasoned that from the unexpected cliffhanger in season two's opener, in which Walt was trapped in Tuco's car at the point of the pistol. And as the mysterious pre-credits shots already indicate, Seor Salamanca has chauffeured Walt along with Jesse to the back of beyond, one of the many deserts in New Mexico.

    Walt's pregnant wife Skyler finally talks to her sister again, but only due to her husband's absence, which prompts the two along with Walter Jr. to gild Albuquerque with pictures of the smiling family father turned star rated crank chef Heisenberg. Walt's bad-ass brother in the DEA also helps the three in a freelancing mission to find the involuntarily vacationing troublemaker. These three partly intertwining story parts make "Grilled" one of season two's best episodes, if you can fully accept the unrealistic shootout at the end, even the best. And if not, that part isn't of much consequence since the creeps-giving scenes at Tuco's leisure residence will be the parts you remember most. Four consummate actors (the mute Mark Margolis will knock your socks off) give these scenes a unique touch and will make you bemoan the fact that this constellation only exists in this single episode. The other two story parts are no match for that, but they too are written and staged excellently, especially when Dean Norris's Hank comes into play.
  • It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

    Take a group of interesting characters, put them in an unpredictable situation, add a great script and you have the receipt for near-perfect drama. In this episode, Walt and Jesse deal with their predicament as captives of the psychopathic Tuco. The addition of the character Theo as Tuco's wheelchair-bound mute father is brilliant. He can only ring a bell to communicate, but he rings it at the most critical times. The suspense is masterful in scenes that rival the best of Hitchcock. It all builds to a climactic last scene that is brilliantly imagined and perfectly staged. One of the best episodes of this great series.
  • Still the best episode IMHO


    I know there's been some darker episodes in Season 4, but I still think this was the perfect Breaking Bad episode. Just pure, unadulterated tension. One of those times you start to laugh nervously because you have no idea what's going to happen next.


  • Tuco goes ape crazy.

    Bryan Cranston did not appear on screen until about 10 minutes into this episode. I know they were building up his "disappearance", but to be frank the supporting cast of Breaking Bad is weak, and that's generous. But when we got the scenes with Walt and Jesse and Tuco things picked up.

    We had a great action scene resulting in Tuco getting shot, and finally shot again for dead by Hank. The moments with Tuco's father were really intense and the bell bit was absolutely awesome.

    Another great episode of Breaking Bad, but the writers need to realize this is Walt's show, and just let him dominate, instead of trying to build up the other characters.
  • Ding!

    If the first episode of Season 2 was the build-up to the confrontation between Walt, Jesse and Tuco, than this is the ultimate payoff. I usually hate it when shows make us believe that the hero will die off when we know it's obviously not going to happen, but with Breaking Bad, I wasn't even thinking about whether Walt or Jesse would die.. all I could think about was how the first two minutes would connect with the rest of the episode. Breaking Bad does an incredible job of screwing up the chronology of an episode the way most shows do and doing it in a way that doesn't scream "This is what happened, now let's go back a few days and see how we got there!"

    There were so many great elements going on here. There was Tuco's uncle Theo who has no way of communicating except for a bell that he rings when something's bothering him. We also have the poisoned meth from the previous episode that Walt and Jesse attempted to use on Tuco before he kidnapped them. There's also Hank who's slowly discovering more and more things about Walt's relationship with Jesse, and add to the fact that Skyler has learned about Walt's second cell phone, and you have an episode bursting at the seams with development. Forget about Mad Men and its slow burning drama; Breaking Bad somehow finds the ability to move slow and fast at the same time. It takes its times with certain scenes and explodes with action and drama when you least expect it.

    Definitely one of the best episodes of the show to date. And that's saying something, seeing as just about every episode of the show is superb.
  • 202

    Looks like they've done it again, Breaking Bad managed to keep me on the edge of my seat all the way throughout the episode, I have never seen so much tension and suspense in an episode. We even got crazy action, and the bell was incredibly intense, all the way till the end.

    The supporting cast did great to as Skyler does whatever it takes to find Walt, and it was a great tie in with Hank showing up at Tuco's secluded place, looking for Jesse to get in touch with Walt. This episode definitely owned up to it's cliffhanger, and the director should get some sort of award at this point.

    Hats off to you director! Tuco was completely insane throughout, and I was astonished at his freak outs. From whether or not Tuco was going to take the poison to Tuco's uncle's bell to the final scene, it was just an episode filled with jaw dropping suspense.

    The opening scene was commendable, and it just tied in perfectly to the very final scene. Hank shoots Tuco, the low rider dies as Tuco does as well, and we hear the uncle's bell, wow, what a way to end this brilliantly written episode. Just another amazing episode, and this season continues to look very promising.
  • After the season opener ended on such a cliffhanger this episode takes Walt and Jesse deeper into complications with Tucco. Meanwhile Skyler, Marie and Walt Jr. put up posters while Hank follows what may turn out to be a great lead.

    I personally thought this episode was amazing. It isn't quite the same tone as the pilot episode would make people believe the series to be but it's great to see the character's and situations evolving so quickly. I thought all the scenes with Tucco were tense, you never knew where he was going to take it. I also enjoy the clever twists they throw in when beginning an episode by showing the ending. On other shows I find it cheap when they do that but here it feels like they are giving you and equation where you have half the formula and the end result and they spend the episode solving for x.

    This episode had everything I enjoy about the series other than the everyman angle of Walter (which was missing because he was out of his element). Other than that it had tension building scenes, character moments, humor both on purpose and off collar, riveting use of violence, and it all built up to another great physical action scene and climactic ending. After the first two episodes of this season continually building to such high points it looks like this season is going to be great as expected. I don't know how long they can keep throwing in episode ending twists like this but it was a great episode and I'm expecting many more. Hope others enjoyed it too.

    I don't want to give much away in case some haven't seen it but this one ends with another major plot affecting event which will turn the series in a new direction. The scenes from the next episode seem to show things getting even more complicated

    The combination of psycholocial story telling and subtle dark humor in this show BLOWS MY MIND.
    Crazy drug king Tuco captured Walter and Jesse in the last episode and I thought he was going to kill them. Walter and Jesse thought Tuco had killed Gonzo his henchman but it turned out that Gonzo died in an accident in a trying to retrieve his friends dead body.

    Tuco had driven Jesse and Walter out into to desert in the boot of Jesses car. One thing I love about this show is the sense of atmosphere. The scene at the beginning of this episode began with the aftermath of the events that were to follow in the desert. I'm from Europe but the cinematography in drew me in to the hot and arid climate of New Mexico.

    The comedy in this show is absolutley outstanding and at the same time you can be terrified for Walter and Jesse's lives.
    In the desert Tuco has a run down shack of a house and there is a very old a decrepit man called Theo who is in a wheelchair and cannot talk; his only means he has of communicating is a bell mounted on his wheelchair.

    Walter and Jesse attempt to poison Tuco by slipping ricin they have disguised as crystal meth into his food but Theo spots them! He tries to warn Tuco by tapping his bell. Tuco decides that Theo is right and takes Walter and Jesse outside to kill them!
    They trick Tuco and Jesse hits him over the head with a stone and they struggle until Jesse manages to shoot him. They run and get in Jesses car but realise that Tuco has the keys!
    When they run out to try and find them they see Tuco's cousins driving through the desert towards and they run away and hide but this turns out to be Hank, Walter's brother-in-law who works for the DEA!

    OMG I thought how the hell did he manage to track them down? Hank killed Tuco and Walter and Jesse managed to sneak off before Hank saw them.

    This episode was amazing and I cannot wait for the next one!
  • It's complicated...

    After having been abducted by Tuco Jesse and Walt are forced to Tuco's uncle's house in the boonies away from anyone. Tuco makes Walt an offer that when his cousins come up from Mexico to help him escape the heat, Walt will come with him and they will both he big fish in the drug world. Jesse and Walt put their "bean poison" into action but Tuco refuses because he hates chili powder with his meth. Tuco's uncle gets suspicious of Jesse and Walt's plans to kill his nephew and even though he is wheel chair bound and doesn't talk he can still cause tension and communicate. After a battle Tuco is shot by Jesse and as Walt and him flee the scene Hank shows up there looking for Walt after he had been reported missing. Hank gets into a shootout with Tuco and kills him with a bullet to the head. This episode is by far one of my favorites because it has the classic Breaking Bad subtlety of characters as well as the blazing action that is not uncommon either. A perfect episode.
  • Amazing opening scene: will be implanted in my mind for a long time. Also: a bell can provide more tension like you never thought it could.

    Seriously, I have to give this episode raving reviews. That opening was so original, I've never seen anything like that. Walt and Jesse are held captive – some of the most interesting conversations come up. And talk about building tension – these guys know how to do it. The best part is when Walt slips ricin into Tuco's sandwich and Tuco's grandfather rings the bell. I was literally on the edge of my seat. Without many words, the scene manages to make me squirm and get chills. Absolutely amazing writing here. And there's still comedy – when Jesse suggests they hit him over the head with something – all Walt has near him is a fly swatter and he holds that up – Gold. The bell will forever be implanted in my mind. The way his Tio gets him to distrust Walt and Jesse is absolutely brilliant. Again, I was so chilled to the bone while this was happening. Finally, he figures out that Walt and Jesse have mistrusted him. He pulls them out and Tuco ends up dead – the answer to our opening scene. I really spent a lot of time on the recap for this episode. Read it. It will definitely remind you that this episode is pure original, hard-hitting action and drama. Pure, not watered down. This is the real stuff. High class amazing stuff.