Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 3

Hazard Pay

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 29, 2012 on AMC

Episode Recap

A lawyer enters a prison looking for a man named Dennis. With him, the man says is his paralegal, but it's really Mike. They wait in a room for the man named Dennis. Mike quickly checks whether anyone is watching them. The lawyer puts on headphones and Mike announces that Chow is dead. Mike says it was a mistake. The deal with Fring is still in place and Dennis says that he will keep quiet about the laundry facility, which he managed. Dennis complains that the federal agents took away his hazard pay. Dennis agrees to keep his silence and trusts Mike will pay him in the end. In the hallway, the fake lawyer explains where the rest of Mike's guys are. He suggests it will be a long, exhausting day as they have to head to several jails.

Walt is moving his clothes back into the closet when Skyler comes in wondering what he's doing. Walt says he won't sell the condo just quite yet but says he needs to be at home for the kids. Walt and Jesse meet with Saul while Mike waits outside while Huell guards the door. Saul is reluctant to allow Mike to be part of the team but Walt says they need to have him on board. They let Mike in and he immediately sets ground rules: he runs the business, Walt and Jesse will cover production. As they leave, Saul asks Walt if that is okay. Walt says to Saul in private, he still controls Mike. They head off to find potential cover businesses.

Saul has brought them to a box factory. But even though it sounds ideal, Walt says one of the machines will ruin the quality of the meth. They next tour a tortilla plant but Walt says food-related products will lead to government inspections. He also brings them by the laser tag place. Lastly, Saul brings them to a pest control business. Jesse and Mike don't think the place will work. Walt says it's perfect. They're not going to work in the small warehouse though. Instead, Walt says while the workers fumigate houses, Walt and Jesse can cook inside them for several days. No one would bother to investigate tented houses while fumigating. The pest control workers are also part-time burglars so they know how to keep secrets. The guys all agree this operation will work.

Skinny Pete and Badger at a guitar store where they pick up the biggest roadie cases they can get which will fit through a regular door frame. The manager offers to stencil for free after Skinny Pete asks for four of the cases. He stencils Vamonos Pest on the roadie cases and head over to the pest control warehouse. While there, Skinny Pete and Badger ask Jesse if they can join the business operation, but Jesse sends them away. Mike observes this in the background. Next, Mike informs the pest control crew about the new details of the operation. Mike says not to steal from the houses they are working in anymore. He also says that they will see Walt and Jesse from time to time and they are not to talk to them. However, if Walt or Jesse tells them to do something, they must obey.

Later on, Walt and Jesse are finalizing plans for the mobile lab. With help from Joe at the scrap yard, they can get the new mobile lab built. They are interrupted by Andrea and Brock who arrive home late. Andrea invites Walt to stay for dinner. Walt watches Brock uncomfortably.

One day, after a new homeowner signs papers and leaves with his family away from his infested house, the team gets to work. Jesse and Walt arrive and head inside the house where the equipment is already been moved in. One of the employees, Todd, tells Walt that he found a nanny-cam and already disabled it. Walt and Jesse get to work. They unpack a smaller but sufficiently equipped lab from the cases and suit up in yellow hazard suits. They work within an inner tent that seals off any effects from the rest of the house. They mix a batch in their delicate process. During a break, the two watch TV and drink beer. Walt asks if Andrea knows anything about their business. Jesse says he's never told her anything, but she likely suspects something is up. Walt says that he trusts Jesse and knows he will make the right call.

Marie comes by the carwash to see a very unhappy Skyler for lunch. Marie says Hank has gone back to work. Skyler tries to make conversation but she's clearly down. Marie thanks Skyler again for helping with the medical bills. Marie mentions that Walt's birthday is coming up but Skyler says she is not looking to plan anything. It's been a whole year since Walt was first diagnosed with cancer. Skyler takes out a cigarette and Marie tries to stop her. But Skyler starts to say shut up and then repeats it over and and over in her own breakdown, bursting in to tears.

During their first batch, they have yielded about 50 pounds. As the two leave, they turn on the chemicals that will kill the pests. Walt heads home only to find Marie there. Marie says that Skyler is resting but is deeply concerned with Skyler's breakdown. Marie demands to know what made Skyler breakdown like that. Walt tells Marie something only mentions Ted Beneke and his accident where he fell and broke his neck. Walt says that Skyler had a brief affair with him. Marie is shocked but Walt begs her to keep it a secret until they can put things back together. Surprisingly, this fits fell with Skyler's breakdown at the office and avoiding a party for Walt.

At Jesse's house, he is unsettled while he watches Andrea and Brock play video games. Meanwhile, Skyler wakes up to gunfire and finds Walt and Walt Jr. watching Scarface on television. Skyler scares silently as Walt innocently invites Skyler to sit with them.

At the Vamonos Pest control office, Mike divides the profits, $367,000 each. Walt complains that Mike is a little short, as they should have netted a bit more. Mike explains that there were added expenses for the drivers who are taking a big risk. Mike then divides more money from the three piles: the pest control manager, the rest of the crew, Saul's cut. Then Mike takes additional money to pay his nine jailed men since their hazard pay was taken away by the DEA. Walt and Jesse are shocked at this but Mike explains it's to make sure they keep quiet. Walt refuses to part with anymore and Jesse offers to cover the costs of the nine jailed men. Walt says that's not fair so he says to take it out of the three piles evenly. Mike explains that the guys will be a constant expenditure. Walt scowls at the $137,000 left over as profit. But Mike suggests he take it or leave it. Mike leaves and Walt asks Jesse about how he feels about this division of profits.

But then Jesse says he broke it off with Andrea and Brock. Jesse says this profit was based on less than 50 pounds. Walt disagrees and brings up Victor. Gus didn't kill Victor to send a message to Walt. Victor tried to make a batch on his own and Gus didn't like that at all. Jesse watches Walt walk away thinking about that very point.