Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 04, 2011 on AMC

Episode Recap

A flashback to when Hank was in the hospital and Gus meets Walt in plain sight is seen. Gus and Walt shake hands, the second cousin dies, and Mike is seen walking away after the injection of poison. Tio is seen watching TV, learning that both of his nephews are dead. Gus meets with Tio, saying he can give him the highlights himself. Gus explains the phone call that Hank received. Juan Bolsa may have had some insight into who placed the call. Tio is shown getting angry, knowing that Gus is responsible for the deaths of his two nephews and more. Gus smiles, telling him all of this with the calmness that only Gus can provide.

Walt is at the doctor's office, getting his latest PET-CT scan. Another man waits with him asking Walt about his experience. They start talking about cancer and Walt pauses him to call Jesse and ask what is going on with their plan about killing Gus. The man talks about giving up control but Walt says he's been living with cancer for the better part of a year and to never give up control. You have to be in control of your body. Later, Walt is seen going back to the superlab to start work. Gus watches the cameras from his office. A detective calls Gus at work, asking to meet with him. Gus immediately responds and heads over. Gomez, Merkert, and Tim Roberts are there, along with Hank and they interview Gus. They tape the interview. Gus provides a clear explanation for why his fingerprints were at Gale's apartment. Gus responds he established a chemistry scholarship at the University of New Mexico, where Gale received the award and graduated in 1999. But Gus had not seen Gale for years he says. A few weeks ago, Gus states that Gale came into the restaurant after several years of not seeing him and asked for money via a business venture. He also has an alibi for the night that Gale was murdered – a charity fundraiser.

Hank asks whether Gustavo Fring is Gus' real name. Hank did some research and although he knows that Gus is from Chile, there is no record of the name there. Records show emigration in 1986 and then the U.S. but there is no record of Gus existing in Chile. Gus laments that the system in Chile is obviously not as streamlined as the U.S., but reassured Hank, that he does exist, and if he were to look, his name would be in the Chilean records. Satisfied, the detectives end the conversation. Gus heads to the bathroom and we see for the first time that he can elicit nervousness. Now feeling the pressure, Gus' fingers tap, his face is hung low, as he processes what just happened. The detectives continue discussing the case. Hank knows that Gus emigrated from Mexico in 1989 to the U.S.. The other detectives, Gomez and Merkert find Gus' story believable. Hank ponders why Gus did not call even though he has a strong bond with the police force. It is weird that he lost a friend, Gale, yet did not comment on the case. They plan to follow up on everything that Gus mentioned.

Saul heads over to Andrea's new house and sees her son Brock there as well. She says the place costs $1200/month, and Saul plays friendly and talks to them for a bit after handing over more money from Jesse. She asks how Jesse is and Saul says that he's good, just busy. When Saul and Huell head back to the car, Jesse is actually there as well and Saul pushes Jesse to find out how the two are doing for himself. Jesse gets out of the car to check on them.

Meanwhile, Skyler is sealing money inside vacuum bags along with clothes to conceal them. However, this proves to be too heavy for the closet rack, which falls to the ground. They are later put under the house. Skyler and Walt host dinner for Marie and Hank that night. Marie says she wants to head into a more managerial role. Walt announces that he is still in remission, the results of his PET-CT. Hank asks for a lift to a gem show the next day. As Walt drives Hank the next day, Hank states that there really is no rock show and that they are heading to Pollos Hermanos instead. Walt, shocked, parks the car as Hank explains to Walt, the case he has against Gus. Hank suspects that Gus is a drug dealer and Walt's face grows interested and shocked at the same time. Hank tells Walt that Gus' fingerprints were found in Gale's apartment and then about the interview.

Walt asks why Hank is telling him all of this. Hank wants Walt to place a GPS tracker on Gus' car. Walt is shocked. Hank says it's easy. But Walt sees Mike pulling up a couple of cars down. Walt, under pressure gets out of the car anyways and heads towards Gus' Volvo. He bends down, but doesn't attach the GPS tracker just yet. Walt heads inside and orders from Gus. But Walt's order is simply: I didn't do it, showing him the tracker. Gus says: Do it and then proceeds to take the order. After ordering and heading back outside, Walt does attach the GPS tracker this time and heads back to the car. Walt and Hank drive away as Mike and Gus watch from vantage points.

Walt heads to the superlab and confesses to the camera. Walt pleads that he did not know of this investigation until today and tells Gus the current details of the case. Walt says that he will make sure Hank finds nothing. Walt heads over to Jesse's house next. Walt, still fearing for his death or Hank's, tells Jesse that their arrangement to kill Gus has to be fast-tracked. Hank is on to Gus, Walt says and this is not good for either of them. Jesse thinks that Gus is still okay though, saying that he wouldn't let anyone get too close without consequences. Walt tells Jesse some ideas of what to do in order to get a meeting with Gus, but Jesse again thinks differently. While Jesse heads to the bathroom, Walt hears a message and checks Jesse's phone. It's a text from Mike saying that their meeting is off tonight as the boss is busy. When Jesse returns, Walt asks him to check his phone but Jesse dismisses the text as unimportant. Walt turns and is disappointed with the answer – his distrust in Jesse is growing and the differences are escalating.

Gus watches Jesse and Walt from the Pollos office. Mike calls explaining that the APD and DEA have nothing. Only Hank and the cartel remain a problem. However, if Hank is watching when the cartel strikes, it could be the perfect storm. Gus thanks Mike and promptly disposes the GPS tracker. Gus then heads over to Tio's (Hector Salamanca) nursing home. Gus explains that the cartel has denied the cartel's ultimatum and that Hank is looking into Gus' past. A flashback intersperses their discussion. Gus asks if today is the day – the day that he dies. The flashback takes us back 20 years. Gus meets a much younger Hector in Mexico with his business partner of the time, Max. Hector comes out of a desert mansion and pees in a pool as Gus as two chicken brothers wait. Juan Bolsa is also there and all the men gather for a discussion. A few minutes later and another man also joins them (Don Eladio).

Don Eladio says he knows about the drugs, the fact that Gus and Max also send methamphetamines back with their shipment of food. Gus says it was a sample and was the only way to get the attention of the Mexican cartel. Gus gets down to business saying that meth is more pure than anything else the men have seen. The men could triple their profits by venturing into meth – up to now they sell cocaine but the meth is more addictive and stronger, it would have a higher demand and increase profitability. Don Eladio agrees tha the product is good. Not saying much, Hector gets up to stretch his legs. The chemistry is handled by Gus' associate, Max, who says he studied at the University of Santiago in Chile. Don Eladio asks Gus if this brother is the cook, why does he need Gus. Gus and Max, feeling threatened, apologize if they offended, but the meeting was brought together by Gus to present the opportunity. Max says that he needs Gus, they are partners. Max continues pleading but Hector (Tio) suddenly shoots Max in the head right in front of the younger Gus. The men grab Gus and push him to the ground facing Max as he bleeds out into the blood (the water increasingly turning red). The men remind Gus that they are not in Chile anymore. This is why Gus emigrated to the U.S. – it was after this event that occurred in the late 1980s.

Back in the present, Gus asks for Hector to look at him. But Hector (Tio) is still in control of himself and doesn't look Gus in the eye even though his anger is ready to explode inside. Maybe next time, Gus says as he leaves. Hector still obviously angry at Gus' presence.