Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 04, 2011 on AMC

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  • a whole new dimension to the story



    i'm getting tired of all the "this show moves too slow" comments and reviews. if it's too slow for you then stop watching.

    anyway here are a couple of my thoughts about tonight's epi:

    -i liked how they resolved last week's "gustavo situation" right away. although hank is still very suspicious about gus, i'm glad it didn't "all go down" tonight, in other words we see more of gus (awesome!).

    -the flashback was amazing! it gave a whole new dimension to the show. we get to see why gus tried to screw over the cartel last season. i believe more of the whole story will be told before the season ends.

    -was it me or did gustavo and his partner/brother's relationship resemble walt and jesse? you have the biochemist (walt; gustavo's bro) and the businessman (gus; jesse). i'd like to think this is why gus told jesse that he sees things in him, he reminded jesse of himself.

    -what's up with the hair/no hair/bald thing in this show? is it about their humanity and how it's removed or diminished from them because of what they do? (for example: the first glimpse of "heisenberg" we saw was walt came to Tuco (remember him?) with the chemical explosive thingy, bald. after jesse killed gale he shaved his head, bald. mike kills people, bald. gus had hair before now he has no problem sticking people (box cutter), bald. gus' new black henchman, bald.) this isn't even a theory just an idea i have. haha.

    tonight's episode was great and i expect nothing less from this show, the best thing on tv i believe.