Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 04, 2011 on AMC

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  • There's Something About Gus


    This episode served as a present and a retrospective of sorts for Gus. We start with a new bit of information where Gus goes to visit Tuco's uncle in the hospice to tell him that his nephews are both dead and this is the consequence of crossing him with an implied history of bloodshed between the two. Gus also gets called into questioning by the DEA and ABPD about his fingerprints in Gale's apartment and he gives a rather descriptive believable tale like he gave Gale a scholarship to college in biochemistry, even the scholarship itself is named after someone we see killed in a flashback in this very same episode. It also explains that Gus has been searching and creating cooks for himself ever since then and when one comes along he protects them as he knows their true value. He is cleared by them but Hank tricks Walt into taking him to Pollos Hermanos and getting him to plant a tracking device on Gus's car to which he goes inside and confesses to Gus that he didn't do it but Gus instructs him to do it anyway. This all happens with Mike watching and Walt goes to Jesse with the concern of moving forward their timetable but finds out something that may mean that Jesse isn't telling him everything. Skyler finds a way to hide the money Walt gives her and they have a family dinner. With the cartel on one side trying to pressure Gus and Hank on the other acting independently of the DEA this is looking bad for the Chicken Man as he is called. In the final bit of the episode we see a flashback to the 80's in Mexico where Gus and his old Chilean cook partner are trying to impress the local drug lord with the novelty of meth and the younger version of Hector Salamanca is there and just as things look up Hector puts a bullet through Gus's cook boy's head and makes him look at it. They tell him to stay with chicken and mock that he is not in Chile anymore. A plus for acting for Giancarlo Esposito in this episode for his primal fear and disgust. This is why Gus won't work with the cartel and we finally got to see another side to Gus as he was when he was a beginner as he told Walt last season "I made many mistakes in my first few years of business" this fills in the gaps of Gus getting started but once he goes down if he does things will go to hell but until then the conflict is solid as it always is on Breaking Bad.