Breaking Bad

Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2010 on AMC
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Tensions escalate dramatically in the White household. A meeting with Gus reveals that Walt is still in danger. Hank gets another call from El Paso to help with more cartel investigations.

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  • It's a nice episode, but far from how good the show can be

    is another interesting Breaking Bad episode with some outstanding scenes in it, but at that point of the show, the writers just couldn't think of any really thrilling stuff. I totally get that all the scenes we see are necessary for the plot, yet the show is just such a slow-burner momentarily that it can get quite boring to watch sometimes.

    See, the problem is that there's nothing really bad about yet I still didn't enjoy the scenes with Skyler and Jesse at all. The plot felt too repetitive and not even the great acting could make me change my opinion about that. Another part I didn't enjoy was Dean Norris as Hank who had the strangest reaction to the El Paso police wanting him back. The two scenes in Spanish language were slightly better even though extraordinarily weird, while Gustavo and the cousins encountering was definitely nice to see. Plus, Danny Trejo appears on screen again after his hilarious part somewhere in season two, but this time, I can't overlook the fact that he's a bad actor. Back then, he didn't have that much to do since he had his head on a tortoise. Now though, his dialogs and facial expressions are just fake.

    Last but definitely not least, Bryan Cranston got back to being excellent in his role and his reaction to the dramatic domestic situation he and Skyler currently have was just perfect. In the final shot, when Skyler reveals what stands for, he is as good as it gets and totally blew me away. However, the rest of the episode just didn't measure up with my expectations and was a bit of a disappointment.moreless
  • Wow, Skyler!!!

    This episode was something. I officially can't stand skyler right now. Call me crazy but I don't get why she's so mad at walt, I mean they are basically set for life and he hasn't got caught, it's driving me crazy!!! lol. I wonder what her deal is, I think she's got a screw loose up there or something.

    But I can't wait to see how this is gonna play out.

    Might I add I am a HUGE fan of Gus, that is one badass guy, I wish I knew someone like him hehe :).moreless
  • 3 simple words ...

    ... and an impact, neither a smoke monster nor a nuclear bomb can ever leave.

    Breaking Bad proves once again, why it is the best thing currently happening on TV and gives some other shows writers a lesson in "How to build up tension in a tv series, without making a fool out of yourself".

    Skyler calling the cops to throw Walter out of his own house: Desperate.

    Jesse calling his dead girlfriends phone: Goosebumbs.

    Walter getting a (temporary) reprieve by the druglord: Nerve-wracking.

    Hank doing everything he can to avoid his new(old) position: Crazy.

    And finally Skylar saying those three little words: Priceless.

    By far the strongest episode this season.

    Amazing stuff, thank you Vince for another great episode.moreless
  • IFT

    See Lost, that is how you answer questions. Don't wait five years before telling us something, instead build suspense for a couple of weeks and then tell us what is going on like Breaking Bad did tonight. Now I can both understand things and enjoy what should be a pretty good season, having seen this episode.

    I do want things to go back to "normal" though, if that makes sense. Walter and Jesse should be cooking meth not moping about their personal problems. This is a show about drugs, not All My Children after all.

    But this was definitely an improvement over last week's episode. Not a home run, but a triple for Breaking Bad.moreless
  • 303

    An eventful episode of Breaking Bad tonight, loads better than the last episode, and it's the best episode yet this season. We find out who the heck those two henchman are and what their relation is with Walt, or why they want to kill Walt, as what we saw int the last episode.

    Terrific acting from Anna Gunn this week, there is just some episodes where she is right on it, her acting was flawless. To having to call the police to get Walt out of her home only to realize she can't to Skye telling Walt that she had sex with Ted, it was just great acting here. Has Anna Gunn won an Emmy yet? If she hasn't, she deserves one for at least best supporting actress.

    The henchmen are Tuco's cousins, I'm surprised to see that the arc played out since the beginning of season 2, but Tuco's got to have had some angry family members somewhere right? Jesse's plot was a bit lackluster for me tonight.

    He sits around and gets depressed about Jane, still thinking it's his fault, I wonder if he'll ever find out it was Walt's fault. The episode ends with Jesse starting to cook meth alone, and Skye's confession. Great super eventful episode, don't miss this installment.moreless
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Caleb Jones


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