Breaking Bad

Season 3 Episode 8

I See You

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 09, 2010 on AMC
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Episode Summary

The fallout from Hank's shootout is revealed. While Jesse covers at the lab, Walt attempts to placate Gus. After witnessing a disturbing outburst, Walt worries he and his family are in danger. Walt also has new questions for Gus.

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  • Less action, less entertainment, more flaws

    Events are significantly slowing down in this episode after we've got to see some tumultuous action scenes in its predecessor, "One Minute". This time around, we have some very interesting character scenes as an exchange and especially Giancarlo Esposito stands out in his role as everyman drug lord Gus Fring.

    Disappointingly weak in "I See You" where the moments with Betsy Brandt, whose character Marie admittedly had to deal with a difficult subject, but she still didn't impress me at all and often stroke me as a video game character. Sadly, that's something that can be said several times during the conversations in this episode and over and above, I dislike the path the story takes at this point. Only a modicum of scenes were actually good in my opinion, namely Leonel Salamanca seeing Walt at the hospital, Jesse experiencing Hank's arrival at the same place, and Jonathan Banks' short yet awesome appearance. And as I've said before, Mr. Esposito is nothing less than outstanding in every single one of the scenes he's in.

    Nonetheless, the bad parts prevail again in "I See You" and I found myself bored very often during the episode.moreless
  • Breaking Bad: adult drama, not adolescent action

    Breaking Bad is drama for adults, and not just action/adventure for adolescents.

    That's why it's so good. The drama raises the emotional stakes. It does not make it

    Please stop complaining that "nothing happens in this episode" merely because the writers explore the characters in greater depth through verbal conflict and not physical conflict alone.

    One has to wonder, why are viewers dumbed down to that level even watching the show in the first place?moreless
  • 308

    This episode was worth watching because of 30 seconds. 30 seconds was really all you needed to see tonight to be able to microwave your popcorn, sit on your sofa, and watch Breaking Bad next week. 30 seconds featured the buildup of the first two months of the season, and the end of yet another era.

    The half minute I am discussing is the scene with one of the twins, no shins and all, attacking Walter White. Even being an amputee would not stop his desire, his strong style spirit (for you pro wrestling fans out there) to finish the job and that is to take down the man he despises. But other than those 30 seconds, nothing here really stood out. If you like Jesse being enamored with machinery for an entire hour than this episode was for you though.moreless
  • It seems that some people aren't happy unless there are shootouts and brawls every week...

    This was a less action-packed episode, to be sure, but that does not mean it was any less enjoyable in my opinion. You can't have dramatic gunfights in every episode and I think they handled the aftermath very well. It was somber without being dull or dragging. Perhaps it was filler, if you want to call it that, but in a show like Breaking Bad, I don't believe any episode is insignificant enough to be deemed filler. This episode had some definite highlights. Gus' sinister machinations coming together were satisfying and fascinating to see while Walt and Jesse stood back for an episode. My favorite part of the episode was definitely the reflective moment the family spent in the hospital cafeteria. Walt's quiet admission of all the thoughts and fears that crossed his mind was a refreshing side we haven't seen in a while - a sensitive, tender Walt. It contrasted sharply with his treatment of Gale, showcasing the dichotomy that is Walter White, criminal and family man. Even the slowest episode of Breaking Bad never fails to disappoint when it comes to being with the characters we've come to know so well.moreless
  • The aftermath of Jesse and Hank's attack

    It seems funny how Hank attacks Jesse last episode and then Hank gets attacked himself. Both characters find themselves in the hospital because of their injuries, and as a result, we get an episode that has a lot of sitting around, waiting and a few moments that stand out above everything else.

    I agree with the users who claim not much happened in the episode. The show is always great with its writing and acting, but sometimes, just like Mad Men, the show drags a bit. However, for me, the story of Breaking Bad is more interesting and it makes these slower episodes still revealing.

    The one scene where the twin gets out of his bed, amputated legs and all, and tries to reach Walt, blood trailing behind him the whole time, it was haunting and completely crazy; just more of the crazy stuff that Breaking Bad is willing to do. There was also a great scene in the end where we see just how smart Gus is. We know Walt is an extremely smart guy, but he clearly hasn't completely broken bad at this point. Gus on the other hand is crazy. He will do anything to protect himself.

    Not a bad episode of the show, but certainly not the best either.moreless
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Javier Grajeda

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Christopher Dempsey

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Steven Michael Quezada

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Michael Shamus Wiles

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Vince Gilligan admitted in an interview that Luis and Daniel Moncada went totally above and beyond anything he could imagine about what the characters of "The Cousins" would be. This is why they remained so far into the season. In fact, after this episode when the two characters were finished, Vince said every cast and crew member wanted their photo taken with the actors and spent hours doing so before they left.

    • Although the twin that appears has his legs amputated, in the previous episode where Hank pins him against two cars hard, there is no visible blood or indication of severe injury. Also this twin was pinned at just below the waist, not at knee level.

    • Episode Title: At the end of the episode, Hank is placed in the I.C.U. (Intensive Care Unit). The episode's title is a nice play on words.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Jesse: Hey, tell your douchebag brother-in-law to head towards the light.

    • (Walt and Walt Jr. talk about a book)
      Walt Jr.: Uncle Hank gave it to me.
      Walt: Well, what's it about?
      Walt Jr.: Pablo Escobar, this big drug guy in the 80s.
      Walt: Yeah. Yeah, I remember seeing him on the news.
      Walt Jr.: Well, it's more about the guys who investigated him and tried to bring him down. Some of them were DEA, you know? Uncle Hank said that they were worth learning about, that everybody knows who Pablo Escobar is but nobody knows about the guys that brought him down.
      Walt: I guess I never thought about it.
      Walt Jr.: He said that good guys never get ink the bad guys do. So he gave it to me. Figured I'd read it.

    • (Walt tries to comfort Marie about the hospital)
      Walt: I survived. I had my lobectomy at this hospital. Remember? Remember how scared we all were? I didn't want to act like it, but I was terrified. All that week, all I could think of was how they were actually going to cut me open and take out a part of me that was with me my entire life. I couldn't get that image out of my head. I think the scariest part was when they took me into pre-op. Lying there, waiting for them to anesthetize you. Knowing that you may never wake up again. Huh, actually, what I really remember about that day is driving to the hospital. Skyler, you remember me wanting to drive that day? Anyway, there we are, we're driving up Central, and we hit every green light. I mean every single light we hit – green. It's just…when does that happen? Just like bang, bang, green the entire way. And the whole time, all I could think about was: why today? Why? Why can't I just spend a few extra minutes in the car with my family? I never wanted to be stuck in traffic so bad in my life. At least I was with my family. I had that. Anyway, I survived this place. And I'm not half the man your husband is.

    • Walt: Being here [in the hospital], is this some sort of message?
      Gus: I'm supporting my community. I hide in plain sight, same as you.

    • Gomez: I'd love to walk in there and shoot that bastard [surviving cousin] right in the head.
      Walt: Me too.

    • Male orderly: (Wheeling Jesse out the door to get picked up) Sir, if you are going to smoke then you need to be another 20 feet from the door.
      Jesse: So roll me further, bitch.

  • NOTES (3)