Breaking Bad

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2010 on AMC

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  • How dare you name such a poor episode after such a great writer?

    What a shame that this episode uses Franz Kafka's name in its title. Comparing one of the best writers this world has ever seen to one of the most boring Breaking Bad episodes is not just audacious; it's quite outrageous, in my opinion. To be clear, this isn't necessarily a bad episode and I had a fine time watching it. However, when compared to the grandeur this series reaches from time to time, "Kafkaesque" is like an Adam Sandler movie.

    Contrary to some episodes before it, "Kafkaesque" didn't bother me with flaws or bad writing/acting; it's just that this whole episode feels mostly useless. The story is evolving extremely slowly and we didn't even get to see Walt and Jesse cooking again! In addition, there are even more dull scenes at the hospital and way too much screen time for Skyler, Marie, and these addict meetings Jesse partakes in. On the bright side though, Bob Odenkirk, Giancarlo Esposito, and Aaron Paul did a praiseworthy acting job and helped me not to fall asleep during all the overlong conversations. That especially goes for Skyler's ginormous lie at the end of the episode that was one of the most unnecessary things to have ever happened on Breaking Bad.

    Was there anything Kafkaesque about this episode? Well, not really, but I found the fact that this show's quality can differ so extremely from episode to episode to be rather shocking. This time, I surely was unfulfilled with what I got to see and not even singular good scenes such as the opening commercial for Los Pollos Hermanos or the ridiculous conversation Jesse and Saul shared in the nail salon could make me enjoy "Kafkaesque".
  • Kafkaesque

    Just like the title of this episode I really do not know what this was supposed to be. The often gritty, well-written AMC drama was plagued by an uneventful hour of television tonight.

    I have no interest on a political commentary regarding health insurance in this country, and I certainly have zero interest in how that affects Hank and his bride.

    No drug wars, no shooting, no escaping the police, nothing that makes Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad, was in tonight's show and I just can't believe that such a great show could leave me so bored. Not a good episode tonight.
  • Skyler White worlds best liar.

    Skyler White worlds best liar. I'm impressed, that lie was....impressive on a whole new level for her. I never really liked her all that much before but now...damn girl you sure have broken bad haven't you? You and Walter sure do make a pair. A match made in....meth heaven.

    Oh and Jesse, listen to your lawyer, but somewhat impressed with your new plan. Selling meth to ex-addicts. Clever. Then again, Jesse strikes me as a guy who would sell his best cow for a handful of magic beans...then again we all know how that story turned out. When all is said and done, he may be the last man standing. The Hank and Marie stuff was good too. Are they going to turn Hank into an addict? Bad idea I like him as a good guy and Marie is starting to appeal to me too. The show does need white hats and they are all we have left. Not bad for two people who started the show as complete a$$hats.
  • Skyler comes up with a plan while Jesse and her friends come up with a new way to get their product out

    Another episode that is pretty slow moving but builds up to a couple of key moments. The show has the tendency to drag its feet for awhile, and while it's impossible to wish that a show can remain action packed for fifty minutes an episode, it helps that the writing is superb.

    One of the conclusions we arrive at is that Skyler seems ready to get involved in Walt's plans. Who would've thought that that Skyler would go from unknowing wife in Season 1 to a woman who is willing to get her hands dirty to help her ex-husband and keep making money? It's strange but believable, as most of the things in the show is.

    I also like the idea of Jesse getting involved with a Narcotics Anonymous group just to find people they can sell the meth to. It's a slimy idea and shows how awful of a person Jesse can be in certain circumstances, but it also makes for good storytelling, something that can potentially lead to great results.

    Overall, this was a pretty good episode, but as long as we were focusing on the main characters.. I still find it hard to get invested in Hank and Marie's plots, but the other plots will do for now.
  • 309

    After the last filler episode, things started to pick up. Of course, it had it's same slow paced style to it but it was rather eventful and I found myself at the edge of my seat in some scenes of this episode, not to mention, it was wildly intriguing.

    Anna Gunn was just amazing here, brilliant acting. Skylar hasn't been likable in weeks with too much screen time and her dreadful story line with Ted. But as soon as she gets in the court with Walt, her true acting abilities are shown, and this episode was a perfect example of that.

    Everyone is still hanging around the hospital waiting for Hank to recover only to find out he may never walk again. Marie has some bills to pay because of it so Skyler lies and tells Marie that Walt gambled to get over one million dollars to help Marie. That scene was absolute perfection.

    Some memorable scenes would have to be Walt speeding up on the free way and almost getting hit by a huge truck, and Jesse's friends trying to get recovering drug addicts to buy their product. A great episode, we got some slow burning action here, and the payoff was amazing at the end.
  • Another superb episode.

    This season of Breaking Bad is probably its finest yet. Each episode has been intense, funny and really personal.

    I loved the opening scene which was a Los Pollos Hermanos advert that showed how the company started and what it promises to its customers, but then it transforms into the production and shipping of meth. It was very well done and really set the tone of the episode. There are a lot of dramatic moments in the episode that is expected from BB.

    There is a really great monologue from Jesse in this episode. At the drug group that he goes to, he brings up a story from when he was in school and how he got a project from his teacher. It really shows another side to Jesse and has strong things to say about his personality. Then next time we see him at the group, we see the side we're used to.

    I won't spoil too much about the episode but if you're enjoying this season so far, you'll love this episode. It fits perfectly in this amazing season so far.
  • Walt the Gambler!

    This week we were treated to seeing how the Pollos Hermanos trucks hid the blue magic and how Gus moved it across state lines, Hank feels something but Marie insists that he start therapy immediately as Skyler says that Walt will help pay for it and tell a total BS but somehow believable tale of him being a gambler this whole time since his diagnosis and her reply of "I learned it from the best." That really hit home as Walt's family begins to erode and she knows that somehow Hank is in there because of him, what a chill. Jesse denies Saul's offer to buy a nail salon to launder his money and instead decides to skim meth off the top and sell it street level with Skinny Pete and Badger who both in a very funny scene do a "business pitch" to all the recovering addicts at Jesse's group session. All in all not too shabby for our friendly neighborhood meth cooker and as we move closer to the finale hopefully Jesse doesn't get too in over his head which means that he most likely will.
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