Breaking Bad

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2010 on AMC

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  • Skyler comes up with a plan while Jesse and her friends come up with a new way to get their product out

    Another episode that is pretty slow moving but builds up to a couple of key moments. The show has the tendency to drag its feet for awhile, and while it's impossible to wish that a show can remain action packed for fifty minutes an episode, it helps that the writing is superb.

    One of the conclusions we arrive at is that Skyler seems ready to get involved in Walt's plans. Who would've thought that that Skyler would go from unknowing wife in Season 1 to a woman who is willing to get her hands dirty to help her ex-husband and keep making money? It's strange but believable, as most of the things in the show is.

    I also like the idea of Jesse getting involved with a Narcotics Anonymous group just to find people they can sell the meth to. It's a slimy idea and shows how awful of a person Jesse can be in certain circumstances, but it also makes for good storytelling, something that can potentially lead to great results.

    Overall, this was a pretty good episode, but as long as we were focusing on the main characters.. I still find it hard to get invested in Hank and Marie's plots, but the other plots will do for now.