Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 1

Live Free or Die

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 15, 2012 on AMC

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  • Between a Rock and a Magnet

    The future glimpse at the beginning of the episode shows Walt as a Mr. Lambert (his identity from Saul he will assume probably) and it takes place further down the road from now. So back to the present the DEA don't know what to make of the Gus Fring explosion in the hospital but when Mike finds out that Gus is dead he knows Walt did it. Mike is still recovering from last season's massacre and is at the mobile hospital Gus was revived at. He drives on up to the border again and meets Walt and Jesse there and pulls a gun on Walt. Jesse manages to talk Mike down and listen to them. The police will have their hands on the laptop that Gus monitored all of them with and will incriminate all of them in the meth scheme. They then try to discover a way to erase the contents of the computer since it has now been logged into the evidence locker at the local police station. Walt thinks of an explosive but Jesse proposes a magnet and they begin testing with a borrowed crane magnet used in a junkyard to erase a computer at a long distance. They put the magnet into the back of the truck and Mike manages to do his magic and get them parked right next to the evidence room. The power of the magnet quickly gets the attention of the precinct cops and when Walt isn't sure that the magnet is working he flips it to high amp and the truck flips over sideways. Jesse and he work their way back to Mike's car and get away clean with the whole evidence locker FUBAR. Walt is sure they got it done and rides his air of confidence with him for the remainder of the episode. Skyler's admittance that she is indeed afraid of Walt as a direct consequence of his choices to kill Gus are indeed a step into his Scarface dotted path along with having gotten Saul to poison the kid last season for Walt. Walt probably sees himself as close to a God at this point having toppled his enemies and securing his way out of going to prison. Also an example of Walt's presence was Ted Beneke promising to not be killed and that he would never tell anybody about what happened when Saul came over the night to give him the money. Skyler remains unreadable and whether she still gets the same "thrill" out of criminal activities she did last season or whether or not that will turn to repulsion towards Walt remains to be seen. However the humor of the episodes come when the junkyard owner asks Mike, Walt, and Jesse if they have any metal on them (bodies, pockets, etc.) and an implication at Jesse and his reaction made the funniest part of the episode. But Hank isn't done yet by a long shot and this season has much more to show us. Hopefully Point B Walt we see as Mr. Lambert will be the end of this half of the season or the next but seeing a flashforward of sorts where Walt continues to ride his metaphorical horse into the straits of darkness are why we Breaking Bad viewers continue to watch because Walt is always changing and is never the same from one episode to the next. I hope that there are great things in store for us this season as Breaking Bad begins it's final season, even if it is only the first half.