Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 22, 2012 on AMC

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  • Walter White: gone, as we knew him.

    Loved it. This felt like a 'necessary' episode rather than a action packed game changer, but episodes like this are - in my opinion - exactly what makes this show so good. There's a masterfully methodical way in which the writers have obviously not allowed themselves to race away with where this is heading, and are reaching their destination in a steady but precise manner. Never is this more obvious than in Mike's line about going through a list of names and killing them being from a 'movie'. That's Gilligan's nod to those of us who'd prefer things to evolve more spectacularly - he's going to do it his way, and we'd all do well to trust him in that.

    So far, every scene Hank is in is a winner. The net is closing on Walt but it's going to take more than what they have to reach him. Mike's appearance in the questioning room took me by surprise - I wasn't expecting that so quickly but I'm not complaining! It was fascinating watching him under pressure and interesting to note that he may be in the game for similar reasons to Walt - his family. That's obviously the only thing that kept Lydia alive and the only reason he reconsidered Walt's offer.

    It now feels like things can indeed 'move forward', the emphasis shifting from mopping up to pursuing ambition, for all involved. The most naive of all parties is surely now Jesse, who has my sympathy for getting caught up in a game that is still killing him inside and which is far, far bigger than he knows, or would want a part of.

    The end of this episode was amazing, and surely the true 'point of no return'. It will mark the end of many viewers secret rooting for Walt, mine included, and the moment his delusion has truly taken over. One of the reasons I could previously almost overlook some of Walt's behaviour was the sense at which he really did have his family in mind. With the end of this episode, all that has gone. Walt is now a slave to the reasons he believes he's doing this, while the reality is that his 'family' either no longer knows him or is petrified of what he's now truly become.