Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 22, 2012 on AMC

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  • "Nobody's going to find you, Lydia"

    Following the police finding Gus's financial partners identities in the picture frame that broke the cold open follows Herr Schuler, the owner of the whole restaurant chain (Madrigal Electromotoren) that Pollos is a part of, taste testing different dips. He returns to his office and sees men from the police there waiting for him. He methodically takes an AED, defibrillator and hooks it up to himself in the bathroom while the cops are knocking and yelling at him to open the door. He kills himself and we get the intertitle so now we know that Gus's boss also knew about the distribution of meth. Walt and Jesse approach Mike with an offer of three way split of funds so that they can start cooking again. Mike would cover most of the security and whatnot while cooking itself went to Jesse and Walt. Mike refuses saying he doesn't want to be anywhere near Walter when he blows up (metaphorically). Mike is also approached by a woman who worked for Madrigal and is worried about the DEA interrogating all of Gus's former employees and how they may not keep their mouth shut. She hands Mike a list of eleven names and asks him to do what he can. Of course Mike tells her to stop watching movies and that killing off eleven people like that isn't doable. Hank is remorseful that his boss is taking the fall for not listening to him about Gus. The chief tells a compelling story of how he spent a fourth of july holiday with Fring at his house and how he was under his nose the whole time and he never even noticed, obviously paralleling Hank on the trail of Walt here and how he never suspects his brother in law to be that way. Mike goes in for an interview with the DEA and he sticks to his "I know nothing" and how he was corporate security for Gus and all the Pollos Hermanos locations. Despite Saul telling Walt and Jesse that now would be great timewise to retire Walt refuses, even though idyllically now would be the best since Hank's "Heisenberg" theory led him to Gus and that's that, but he is deep in debt for paying for Hank's rehabilitation. They also face a challenge with cooking in a new location that's not an RV and they would rather cook in the city like Gus managed to. The obstacle is finding Methalomine so that they don't make Sudofed meth as Walt wants to make the purest product possible. And it's good to see Hank back on his feet again after a whole season pretty much sidelined physically speaking. Madrigal agrees to cooperate with the DEA but they want their transparency to be both ways and to find out if Schuler was a lone operative or part of a network. Skyler is depressed and tries to stay in bed but Walt urges her not to, that paired with the cold fear in her eyes at the end when Walt is justifying "when you do bad things for good reasons you have nothing to worry about" show how wayward his path has gone indeed. When being interviewed by Hank and Gomez Mike is told that Gus kept offshore account (obviously that he knew of) and that a whole two million dollars is in his granddaughter's name and so every Pollos employee is going to lose their cash. Mike is called by one of the other employees to talk, Chow, and is told to come to his house right away. Someone was in fact holding Chow at gunpoint and when Mike walks up to the door he had attached a pig on a sticky thing to bounce against the door to confuse who was watching him at the door. Mike subdues the gunman, Chris, another Pollos employee who had jsut killed Chow and Mike kills him after being told that Lydia (the woman in the beginning) had paid him 10,000 dollars a name on the list of hers. Mike goes to deal with Lydia at her home where her daughter and nanny are. He waits in the shadows and when Lydia walks that way he grabs her and tells her to stay calm and tell them to go to bed. They leave and Mike tells her that she is responsible for the deaths of Chow and Chris. She says to not shoot her in the face implying that she wants her daughter to find her, Mike tells her in the coolest line of the episode "Nobody's going to find you Lydia" she pleads and begs and Mike eventually relents and sees a new opportunity and asks if she can get her hands on Methalomine. He goes back to his car and calls Walt to tell him he's in. Great in between episode and by now the "gold in the streets" that Walt is talking about will be waiting for them when they set up shop in the upcoming episodes.
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