Breaking Bad

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 17, 2009 on AMC
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Saul suggests a new business partner. Skyler discovers something shocking at work. Jesse tells Jane about his job.

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  • Yeah, right...

    "Baby coming" exactly when Walt has to make the delivery... This is poor writing. A cheap trick seen million times on tv and movies. I'm expecting a lot more than this by this show.
  • Succeeds In Making You Excited for the Season Finale, But Isn't That Good of an Episode in Itself

    "Mandala" had a rather ridiculous start with one of Walt's and Jesse's dealers getting shot by a grade school kid the fact that the victim was the fat one only reinforced that. But fortunately, the episode only got better after that slowly gaining more and more quality until it ended it a fantastic cliffhanger.

    I don't want to spoil what happens in this episode, but I'll say that much: all of it is due the killing of Combo, the aforementioned dealer, and Skinny Pete's quitting after that incident, which leaves their two 'bosses' without anyone to sell the humungous amount of meth they've recently cooked. Cue Giancarlo Esposito's Gus a mysterious new character that I'll only say one thing about: he's awesome. The same goes for Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman who once again gets the silliest stuff to say, yet impresses the most. However, speaking of the drama in the episode, Bryan Cranston is the one stealing the show. At first, he has an intense and momentous conversation with Gus, just to then experience the heaviest collision of interests imaginable in the final scene. In between that, there's some uninteresting talk with doctors again, boring time with Skyler and her new boss Ted (including an impersonation of Marilyn Monroe's famous singing of Happy Birthday that gave me almost as big of a vicarious shame as Walt's WTF moment in "Over" did), and Jesse and Jane mutually leading themselves into disaster (which sounds more thrilling than it actually is).

    That's about it with "Mandala" and in my opinion, one awesome scene at the end doesn't justify flaws throughout the rest of the episode. Anyway though, now that I'm over the Breaking Bad drought, it's time to look forward to the great season finale and the next season, which is even better.moreless
  • mandala

    An amazing episode of Breaking Bad, a rather slow burning episode with quite the pay off in the end. So much subtle lines from the script end up being something that happens at the very end of the episode. Walt stole the show of course.

    Walt looks for a new distributor with the help of Saul. The distributor, Gus, doesn't accept Walt the first time around, and Walt goes down to talk to him to see why. "You can't trust a drug addict" It just tied in with the subplot so well. The fact that Jesse made Jane go off the wagon was eventful, and when they used the needles, I was in awe.

    It was just a perfect tie in, especially in the end. Skyler remains uninteresting, like anyone really cares that her boss is doing something illegal in the company, her scenes definitely filled up a good amount of time in this episode, but all of that didn't matter by the end.

    Walt comes back to find Gus, only to find someone else offering 1.2 million dollars for the 38 pounds of meth, then that's when it all starts tying together. Skyler goes in labor at the same time Walt has to get drugs within an hour. Now we have to see what decision will Walt make. Jesse is no help, since he is high with Jane half conscious.

    Excited to see the repercussions after this intriguing cliffhanger to this great episode. Wow, don't miss this installment of Breaking Bad. Great episode.moreless
  • Good episode.

    I apologize for not reviewing three weeks of Breaking Bad episodes, but my schedule has just been hectic for both TV watching and real life.

    But this was a good episode to come back on. It was as gripping and fast-paced and fun to watch as the first season, and the show is just incomparable to anything else on cable right now. Not that it is necessarily superior to the rest of TV, but that it is a perfect combination of true to life drama and dialogue, and classic drama plots all rolled into one.

    I still think the show drags on at points, but this was definitely one of the best offerings of the season with a new character added.moreless
  • anxiously awaiting the next episodes!!

    This episode moved so many things forward. A new "business model", the baby is coming, and just what Jesse needs - a brand new addiction! I knew that gal was trouble. I hope that the baby is okay. I wonder if Walt will get the meth there in time? That's the strangeness of this show - you end up sitting there watching and thinking gosh! I hope that walt gets the meth there in time! then, wow, did i really just think that thought? But, really wouldn't it be great for the story if he does if he gets it there in time, and we get to find out: will he really walk away with 1.2 million dollars???? and if he does, what will that do for his life? it opens up a whole lot of choices. Super episode!moreless
Giancarlo Esposito

Giancarlo Esposito

Gus Frings

Guest Star

Sam McMurray

Sam McMurray

Dr. Victor Bravenec

Guest Star

Paul J. Porter

Paul J. Porter

El Paso DEA Agent

Guest Star

Charles Baker

Charles Baker

Skinny Pete

Recurring Role

Christopher Cousins

Christopher Cousins

Ted Beneke

Recurring Role

David House

David House

Dr. Delcavoli

Recurring Role

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    • OB/GYN: Okay, we've been talking about it for months now. It's time to make a decision. You know what I'm going to say, don't you?
      Skyler: The C-Section?
      OB/GYN: Mm-hmm. And if it's a yes, we need to schedule it.
      Skyler: Well, my last labor was pretty tough. So, for the baby, I say yes.
      OB/GYN: Well, I agree considering that your fluids are a little on the low side. I say it's best to take her out a little early. So why don't we schedule it for a week from Friday?
      Skyler: Yeah...ooh. Isn't that a Friday the 13th?

    • Gus: Can I help you, sir?
      Walter: A diet coke please...and five minutes of your time.

    • Saul Goodman: Who do I look like, Maury Povich? I'm not your marriage counselor!

    • (When Walt and Jesse come to Saul for business advice)
      Saul: As to your dead guy, uhh, occupational hazard, drug dealer getting shot, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it's been known to happen.

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