Breaking Bad

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2010 on AMC

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  • Really, really slowly, we're getting closer to the show's former strength

    After a nice retrospective introduction, "Ms" finds its best moments in the emerged conflict between Walt and Jesse. The ever growing a-hole Walt can't take a joke once it's about his meth formula and it almost seems as if not even Saul's and Gus's interventions can calm the situation. But as I said: it seems. Gus has conceived of a phenomenal plan that involves the most glamorous meth lab to ever be on television and through this, we get to see his real power for the first time in the series.

    In slightly related matters, Hank is determined to follow the small trail Jesse has given him and we can watch him getting a bit closer to the huge criminal business going down under his very nose. Anyway, I again didn't like this story part (eventually finding the right RV at the second search seriously?) and would have hoped to see Bryan Cranston a bit more often. For the small amount of scenes he was in though, he did a great job and excelled in being the bad guy. However, it looks quite different at the White household where you could, if you're being overhasty, sense harmony and piece. What really impressed me not only in these scenes was the subtlety with which emotions and ambiances were conveyed.

    Thus, the ups were clearly in abundance over the downs with "Ms" and almost more importantly the episode showed the right direction for the ones after it.
  • 305

    Breaking Bad had its fifth installment of the third season last night, and it was probably the worst so far of the season. I am glad that Walt will be back in the lab cooking up meth, it's the way this show should be, but the rest was just really boring. Hank getting ever so close to the truth just didn't really resonate with me, and those scenes with Skylar were unbeliavably painful and unbearable.

    AMC shows are traditionally slow-moving, but when Mad Men feels like Usain Bolt compared to this episode, that is a problem.

    Oh well, can't hit a home run every night.
  • Walt gets made an offer he can't refuse

    This episode was quite an enigma this week as we see Skyler second guess her affair with Ted. Walt gets shown his new lab which is quite worthy of many jaw dropping sensations for chemists as Gus explains the arrangements of their "would be" deal that he had previously proposed. Jesse wants his "half" that Walt got last week. Gus had a very interesting moment in which he explains that a man provides for his family without love, respect, and whatnot and I think that touched home on Walt. Skyler was especially watchable this week as she doubted herself and moved closer to accepting Walt, even though in the end Walt moves on and has signed the divorce papers. The small moment where she asks him if he wants to get Holly when she cries made me all watery eyed. Good flashback, wasn't sure at first what to make of it, Hank is getting really close to Heisenberg and a nervous breakdown as he delves deeper into his investigation. A very good installment.
  • 305

    Things are starting to pick up for Breaking Bad. This definitely was not the worst of the series, it was actually a very memorable intriguing episode, with the same pace as the past episodes. This episode actually managed to be very eventful, after a promising start from the season 1 flashback to the very surprising intriguing ending. Although Anna Gunn is a terrific actress, I found myself rolling my eyes every time Skylar appeared on my TV screen, this episode just gave her too much screen time, with unnecessary development regarding her relationship with Ted. The only eventful part of her scenes was the ending. Walt signs the divorce papers.

    Jesse wants his half of the money, and Walt & Jesse get mediated by Saul. Meanwhile Hank looks for the RV, with some luck. Gus building a meth lab for Walt was a great scene, another great scene is when Jesse destroys Walt's window after being left by him in the "business"

    Commendable performance to Aaron Paul, and Jesse is easily the best supporting character of this show. So Walt begins cooking meth, this brings us hope, now that things will pick up, but the only thing that needs to be brought back is Jesse & Walt working together. Hopefully that gets resolved in the next episode. In the end, Hank connects the RV to Jesse! Wow. Great cliffhanger here. Great superb episode of Breaking Bad tonight, definitely picked up the pace.