Breaking Bad

Season 2 Episode 7

Negro Y Azul

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 19, 2009 on AMC

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  • I am the Blowfish! Walt sees business opportunities, Skyler takes matters into her own hands and Hank gets a taste of El Paso

    There were so many things to like in this episode, ranging from jolly to horrific.
    The opening with Los Cuates de Sinaola singing about the Heisenberg legend and his inevitable run-in with the big players of the Cartel gave a nice insight were this season might be heading. As his illness worsens, his transformation to an aggressive businessman speeds up: “Corner the market, the raise the price.” He looks like he’s actually enjoying the trade now.
    Skyler takes actions of her own to secure the family’s financial situation, putting herself at risk of some grabby hands. Has she given up on Walt? She didn’t tell him about her plans, and even comes up with an inanely retarded lie about “green welding” to convince him. He lets it go. The family’s falling apart, and neither of them are determined enough to actually do something about it.
    Hank’s being more than uncomfortable in El Paso, not familiar with the idiom (why didn’t his supervisors recommend him to take some Spanish courses?) or the tactics of Shun Tzu. He manages to gets away relatively unscathed after the Cartel retaliates against their stooge and the DEA. Now I wouldn’t put it past people who rig a tortoise to try and fry a fluffy purple bunny as well. Yes, I think the 2 flashforwards show us the aftermath of the Cartel taking action against their new competitor Heisenberg.
    Jesse finally gets his flatscreen, and shares a tender moment with Jane. I’m happy for him. For now.
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