Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 3

Open House

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 31, 2011 on AMC

Episode Recap

Walt heads into the superlab. He brews himself some refined coffee using the equipment he and Gale set up. He drinks a bit and then sets off to work, turning on machines. He notices a surveillance camera following him. Walt turns away, swearing trying to get out of sight, but can't. Walt flips off whoever is watching.

Skyler is ringing Walt's doorbell, trying to get into his apartment. Walt opens the door minutes later. Skyler still insists that they buy the carwash. Walt reluctantly lets her in. Skyler notices that Walt has a black eye. Skyler asks if he is in danger, but Walt says he just has a lot of things on his mind. Skyler goes off, saying they should go to the police, but Walt quickly defers saying he got into a fight with a coworker (Mike) at a bar and he was an older man, so he didn't retaliate. Skyler makes Walt promise that if things do get dangerous to please let her know. They then discuss the carwash, but it cuts to Marie who is looking at an open house. Marie pretends to be a divorced mother wanting to homeschool her child. When she gets back home to Hank, she tries to show him that she has pleased him. Hank is his negative self again, telling Marie she got the wrong snack. Marie heads back out to the store.

Walt and Jesse change out of their hazard suits after a long day of work. Walt complains about the surveillance. Jesse asks if Walt wants to do something – like go karting. Walt says no, but sees Jesse is still shaken, so he asks how he is doing. Jesse asks Walt the same thing, but there is nothing really to talk about. They leave for the day.

Saul meets with Skyler and Walt who is trying to convince them to buy a nail salon to launder money instead of the carwash. But Skyler says they are getting the carwash, even though the price Bogdan set was too high. Skyler suggests they motivate this Bogdan to sell. Saul suggests a guy he has in the tax business or immigration, but Skyler denies these motions. Saul suggests a physical attitude adjustment for Bogdan, but both Skyler and Walt object as well. Walt asks about what Bogdan said and Skyler says the bit about Walt not being man enough to come there himself. Meanwhile, Marie visits another open house pretending to be another person with a more interesting life story than her own. At the end of the day, the real estate woman notices a collectable spoon missing from the display. Marie had mentioned them earlier.

Jesse ends up going go-karting and heads back to his house. Things have gone very downhill when he gets back to the house. It's become a war zone. There are people on drugs, music is still blaring, and people are fighting. But Jesse just sits down and lights a cigarette. Marie heads to another open house, but the female real estate agent from yesterday catches her this time at this open house. The agent follows her outside and says she called the cops, but Marie gets tough and argues that she's late for an appointment and how dare she accuse her of things. She calls Hank after being taken to the police station and the agent rips her purse apart. Hank can't believe the phone call when he gets it, "are you seriously doing this to me again" he says. Hank makes a call and an officer clears her. However, Marie breaks down into tears when the officer asks, don't you want to go home?

Skyler hatches an idea to get Bogdan in trouble. Soap, detergent, and lots of it are used at the carwash. Saul gets a guy to test the waters, which is really a ploy and the "agent" says it's too high in nitrites and more. Bogdan needs to replace his filtration equipment, which will cost upwards of $200,000. Bogdan is shocked and doesn't accept this at first, but Skyler feeds the agent environmental law codes to help convince Bogdan that this agent is the real deal.

Marie cleans up after Hank's lunch. The door rings and it's the officer from the police station. She invites him in and over to Hank in the bedroom. Hank thanks the officer again for helping him with Marie. The officer runs a case over Hank. Gale's murder. The notebook they found in the apartment has a lot of formulas and other technical stuff. He asks Hank to look it over, but Hank says to give it to Gomez first. However, the officer doesn't want the DEA to look at it yet. Hank doesn't immediately look it over when the officer leaves.

Walt compliments Skyler on the work she has done to get Bogdan to come calling. Walt doesn't think it's going to work, but Skyler say to wait. Then Bogdan does call and she offers him a mere $800,000 because the market is down and Bogdan was unpleasant. Bogdan calls back and accepts the offer. Back at Jesse's house, things are still a mess. He tosses some money up in the air and the people still there all scramble for it. Outside, the new guy (Ray) watches Jesse's house. Walt thanks Skyler this time and they open a bottle of champagne worth $320. Skyler scolds him for paying that much in person. People will start noticing things if Walt keeps showing off his cash influx. He's supposed to be living on unemployment checks. Back at Hank's house, it's the middle of the night, but he finally takes a peak at the lab notes that were owned by Gale.