Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 3

Open House

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 31, 2011 on AMC

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  • Car Wash Blues: A Walter White Story

    With the last two episodes focusing primarily on Walt and his reaction to what the business is now becoming because of what he and Jesse did and Gus's reaction and how would come to live with it we now turn to more broad stories. We see Skyler worrying about the car wash possibility and how they need to get the owner to sell it without using violence or tipping anyone off about suspiciousness in a scene between Walt, Saul, and Skyler that brought our favorite lawyer back into the fold. It was also funny how he brought up the nail salon idea again when Jesse clearly passed on it last season. Speaking of Jesse, he sinks deeper into the chaos and his house has become ground zero for addicts and fights now that he can't bear to be alone and his quiet desperation when he asks Walt out for go carts is palpable. Marie goes back to being a clepto for a habit at a bunch of open houses as a cry for help from Hank's negligence to acknowledge her and she finally gets to be sincere to her through getting her out of jail. Skyler manipulates her way into getting the owner to get her to sell the car wash for cheaper than she originally intended and Hank gets the file on Gale's lab from a DEA buddy who helped Marie get out of jail and wants his eyes on it to give him some hints. No doubt this will bring him closer to getting back on his feet and working to find Heisenberg again who is no doubt inside that notebook somewhere. Good job BB, way to bring the more minor characters into the forefront especially since next week looks like Gus will be back to bring Walt in line, uh oh.
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