Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 3

Open House

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 31, 2011 on AMC

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  • A touch too much soap opera drama. Need to bring back the fear.

    Firstly, let me make it clear I'm not talking about action.

    I love drama and good acting more than the average person. Character development can make or break a TV show.

    But I fell in love with Breaking Bad not only for its great drama, but also for its edgy pacing which went from crawling slow (which I loved) to insanely fast at the drop of Heisenberg's hat. It wasn't JUST about the lives of the characters, as each episode advanced the plot in some large way.

    The last 2 episodes have lost the edginess for me, ever so slightly. The show has taken a poor turn in the direction of a soap opera, I feel, with a touch too much focus on things like Marie's kleptomania, and the car wash. Which is great for advancing character development, but if you spend too long on those issues it might as well be The OC.

    The show has lost a little of the uneasy danger it gave us in the first couple of seasons, where you really feared for everyone, constantly. I keep waiting for something new to happen but it doesn't really come.